Essay Sample on Universal Taxation in Education: A Necessity for All

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Date:  2023-02-12


Universal taxation in the field of education is significant and should be carried out by public institutions. Numerous times schools and other learning environments charge students for educating them. Some of the most common aspects relating to higher education are related to student loans. Some people in society have the ability to pay for their own education and this is because they have satisfying jobs. However, some people in society do not have this advantage and consequently depend on the government to offer them student loans which they have to repay over a certain period of time.

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It is essential to note that the contemporary environment has seen a change in the manner people address issues relating to repayment of loans. Many times, people that borrow money from public institutions lack the ability to re-pay these loans in time which is rather tricky. When these people begin working for various companies, a portion of their salaries is cut from the general basic salary (Brown, 2015, 8). It is essential to note that most of these graduates fail to progress in the environment and reason for this is the fact that they are only left with sufficient money to survive and to fulfill their general conditions.

The best thing that a government can do is ensuring there is the provision of payment services for these students. There are some students that are adamant to pay their loans and the reason for this is the fact that they fail to get a job even after graduation. Taking mercy for these people is essential and the government and the general public should not insert pressure on these people. The best means to address the matter is by ensuring there is space provided for these people to ensure that they live comfortably and consequently manage to repay their loans in time which is the general goal of some of the policies.

It is essential to note that the general public sphere is important in the management and coordination of resources related to higher education (Biffl & Isaac, 2002, 439). With higher education, people have the ability to generally develop an environment where they live. However, a lot of ignorance is noted in relation to these former students. Some of the ignorance is as a result of lacking the ability to repay the loans. It is essential to always ensure there is better management of resources and consequently have a progressive environment in the current environment.

Universal taxation of higher education is essential in the current environment because it instills a lot of discipline in the person (Rammell, 2016, 3). When a person received education through various institutions, there is an assurance that the person gains some form of respect and ensures that there is reciprocated respect to the general system that raises the person. In the current environment, it has been possible to note that there is increased advocacy for the improvement of the general learning environment. As time has progressed, it has been possible to note developments related to the repayment of loans in the students' environment.

Another reason as to why public institutions should be taxed as compared to taxing the individual student is the fact that these public institutions have the amount of money required. Through proper comprehension of these rules, there is the assurance that people become more and more responsible and consequently, the environment improves (Johnstone, 2004, 409). As time has progressed, it has been possible to identify changes in the learning environment. Currently, the government does not insist on repayment of these loans and the importance of this is that people then have the ability to live independently and without having any form of pressure in their activities.

It is essential to note that the contemporary environment has seen governments and other institutions working hard to assist the students to pay off their student loans. As time has progressed, there have been numerous changes in the policy statements and the reason for this is the fact that governments know that without assisting the students to pay off their debts, the debts might not be paid eventually. It is also essential to note that these steps taken by the government are quite motivational. When former students realize that their government is assisting in the repayment of the loans, they take it upon themselves to pay off part of their debts.

Checking the credit score of some of these students is a major way through which governments and sponsor organizations determine whether it is possible to repay part of the school depts. That these students owe. If the government determines that a person has the ability to pay off their loans and taxation is carried out on their salary then it becomes easier for the government to pay off the loans that have accumulated for less capable people in society. Despite the fact that some of these students have jobs, they have other responsibilities that are more important (Steinberg, 2015, 69. Moreover, the amount of tax that is charged by the government on these loans significantly reduces.

The general public should not be taxed in relation to education. Provided the fact that universal education is important and is the key to life, people should appreciate the contemporary learning environment. Despite the fact that this appreciation is carried out in different means, having these students paying for their education is an aspect that shows how unjust the contemporary environment. There are high chances that after the completion of education that people will manage to engage in activities that will earn them income. From this form of work in the current environment, then negative aspects such as theft are offset. Ensuring there is better comprehension of the modern world and the various business practices are one of the most effective means through which a person can generate income. The current environment has people repaying their taxes relating to education in installments. Despite the fact that it might seem expensive, it is a much lesser burden as compared to the general repayment of these taxes at once.

Proper management of resources has turned out to be beneficial for the government and the students in general. The reason for having this sentiment is the fact that people gain a sense of responsibility which is very important in the general development of the current environment (Garcia-Penalosa, C., & Walde, 2000, 713). There are speculations that the education environment will change for the better as time progresses. This is a positive aspect to have for the environment is changing drastically and the current education system will not manage to resolve these matters in a rather effective manner in the environment.

Coherence when dealing with matters education is important. Taxation is also essential but ensuring there is better management of resources is an integral human character. Changing the narrative and ensuring that taxation reduces or is practiced to a limit is essential. Through this comprehension, there is better comprehension of the contemporary education environment and increased knowledge.


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