Essay Sample on Technology Design and Artificial Intelligence

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Date:  2022-11-21


The famous mathematician and a Greek Archimedes sometimes back once said that "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world. "The same fundamental law could also apply to human life. Life levers entail human opportunities and experiences that when combined should help motivate and inspire individuals towards the realization of their great life goals. The ability to fulfill a person with passion is the essential step to build the same person strong enough to work towards the accomplishment of such life goals in life. Without success and passion, it is true that such opportunities and kind of experiences will end up becoming absolute.

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In the effort towards building a successful lever in my life, I have gone through challenges in the process of searching such experiences and opportunities for myself. In my entire life, I have always had a strong passion for learning and primary natural drive that would help succeed in life. I have the passion for helping individuals who come in my life mainly to the elderly as a voluntary life experience based on the engineering knowledge and skills that I have gained in life. I have a plan to develop a design that would help the elderly people have a good experience with their life through the application of artificial intelligence in their lives, as it will be my number one life dream comes true. The data aspect of AI affects the community in three distinct ways. Firstly, the data part of AI provides the community with a set of tools and techniques with promising possibilities. Secondly, the data part of AI raises ethical questions such as privacy, which have significant implications for the community. I hope that the application work and succeed for the benefit of the entire members of the community especially for the elderly. Besides, during the school life I managed to build a positive interaction with other school members who were good people and sometimes showed me the way out in certain situations during my school life. I belive in teamwork given that through teamwork a person is able to make great achievement in life that that would have positive life transformation.

My major goal in life is to apply the knowledge that I gained and experience to serve the members of my community especially for the elderly. This indicates the need for ethics discussion within the community involved in artificial intelligence. Besides, while NLP promises to advance related technologies such as cognitive computing, these technologies pose significant security threats. Most importantly, for the CSE community, it may require developing a unique code of ethics to address these challenges.

I believe that university education will help me attain my life goals based on the knowledge and skills that I have gained in life. Besides, school life has helped me learn the best strategies that I can apply in life and interact with other people and members of the community. Besides, through the University life, I have learned mechanisms to exploit my prior experience to develop strong teamwork. I am competent in defining and communicating project visions as well as encouraging collaboration and promoting trust. I consider these skills crucial in developing functional teams in engineering projects. In addition to teamwork, I have experience in harnessing creativity through various techniques such as brainstorming and verification of assumptions.

Despite the nature and kind of struggle towards a successful life, I have to admit that I encountered several life challenges that made me strong enough in my entire life. Lack of corporation and the difficulty in relating to other people based on the cultural difference has been a major issue among many other challenges has remained to be barriers in my life. Additionally, financial hardship has been a major challenge towards the completion of my educational life. Besides, the ability to balance the schoolwork and homework was also a major challenge that I had to deal with during my life as a student. I hope to have a positive experience when working with the elderly persons while serving their needs and interest.

The University life has had a positive transformation of my life in many ways possible. I have gained the knowledge that is fundamental when it comes to solving life issues and challenges that are likely to affect a person's life and dreams. My passion, determination, and commitments have been the driving forces behind the achievements that I managed to gain in my life. I am someone who has a strong belief in myself, and I hope that I have the strength to achieve all my life plans in the future. The only compelling need to attend the named institution is to help me succeed in my future academic life in line with my area of study. I have a dream that I will have to accomplish when I am in this institution, which is to offer quality service to the elderly people through the application of the knowledge in artificial intelligence.

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