Essay Example on My Learning Journey: Taking Responsibility & Improving Myself

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Date:  2023-09-04


Learning progress in the nursing profession is a process whereby I have learned to take responsibility for my skills and yearned to improve each day. I have discovered that I need professional qualifications that are attainable through improving myself, others as well as improving the environment. As a sign of commitment to ongoing professional learning, the process calls for identifying development needs through the critical planning and conducting learning activities and reflecting on these activities, applying the lessons learned and sharing my experience with others.

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Learning Progress on Improving

I have developed the habit of keeping a learning diary to note each user's activity. For instance, in the learning log, I record the circumstance, and the lesson/s learned in addition to recognizing my strengths and weaknesses to enhance the quality of my scholarly contributions to the seminar and other learning activities throughout the workshop. Personal SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) has ensured that I am confident and clear of how development activity will change what I do in the future. A diary is a tool that I have used to assess my progress against development goals. Reflective discussion and challenging assumptions have assisted in identifying new projects and space for learning and development. I have been able to locate spontaneous chances to explore challenges as they unravel through formal and informal education. In this endeavor, I have funded myself to undertake training courses to achieve nursing certification. Also, I have conducted learning through online resources, shadowing, and video training to enhance scholarly contribution to learning activities in addition to seminars.

Learning Progress on Improving Others

Developing in the nursing profession has taken a paradigm shift. My strengths and weaknesses have taken a different trajectory since I have become better at handling some issues. Critically reflecting on the learning journey, I have successfully managed to review personal development and kept the focus on the crucial areas, including informal learning experience such as mentoring others. Reflective practice is an opportunity that has enabled me to transfer expertise to others. I have co-created T-moments to impart knowledge and create awareness for students and patients. T-moments is a platform that has strengthened my peer scholarly contributions to learning activities and seminars. The process has influenced peer scholarly learning through the snowballing effect in addition to assisting educators in developing.

Learning Progress on Improving Environment

I have engaged potential mentors and developed a mentoring program with them to influence the online classroom environment to create safe, supportive, and active learning surrounding. The success of the mentorship is not passive acceptance but a process that offers the mentors an opportunity to share their experiences and expertise. It has also been an opportunity for me to learn from them and with them. We have narrowed the area of mentorship to skill development to be more productive during the short-term training process.

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