Essay Sample on Tech in Schools: Advancing Education with Innovative Solutions

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Push for technology in schools use in schools today has advanced to higher levels in the modern world has been in great use in recent days. Today many programs have been developed by programmers to help make the work of teachers more comfortable, such as through the development of robust applications to assist in making the work of teachers easy. Some of the technologies which have been applied in education include school management systems and online learning platforms. In this respect, we shall focus on several technologies that have been developed to fit in the school. Conducting the needs assessment is one of the vital tasks which help to determine the goals which should be set to help enable the use of technology in schools. It focuses in conducting an analysis which of the environment under study to assist in developing the best strategies to use.

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Engagement Goals

To create a report on technology use in schools.

Focus on the success which have has been achieved through the use of technology in schools.

The challenges which have affected schools and made it hard to use technology in schools.


The development of modern frameworks reflects the adoption of technology in schools. Man teachers have invested in training to acquire the necessary skills which have helped in improving the education sector. There has been some resistance in some of the educational institutions on the adoption of ICT. Some factors affect the adoption of technology in the schools, and this has negatively affected the passage to a large extent. It has been an issue of concern if teachers are aware of using ICT technology in schools. In many of the schools the knowledge on software's is little known to the students (Greenwood 2017). The growth of the digital world has forced many industries to use the technology of which failure results in lagging.


Technology review needs assessment was a strategy that was conducted and to help improve the learning in schools and also to help the teachers teach the students better. From what was observed in many schools, it was clear that not all the teachers were able to use technology in their work of teaching. The focus of the assessment is to ensure that technology is used in schools for the good of the learners and make the process easier. Many of the schools were involved in the survey in the US to help create positive learning environments for the students in schools.


In the research, the use of the internet method of searching was applied. The content which was searched includes the technologies which the teachers apply in schools. Many other kinds of settings were employed in the survey. The goal was to help get the real issue to do with the use of technology in schools. The objectives to be set should be set. A committee should be set to help in the process of change in the schools through the adoption of technology. The committee has the responsibility for diversity through team planning. The decisions need to e communicated as they are being developed. The plan to conduct the evaluation should be done. Each year the report should be compiled on the use of technology in the schools. All the IT facilities and staff in the schools will be evaluated to help the state of ICT adoption in the schools.


In this section, we shall focus on the indicators regarding the adoption of technology in schools.

Skill level of self-assessment

A section of teachers will be assessed to have an evaluation of the skills which they possess. The current abilities of teachers will be evaluated about the ICT. The assessment of creativity in education using technology will also be assessed. In the survey that was conducted, the teacher awareness was taken into consideration in respect to the set policies, (Alcott 2017). Some of the questions asked about the information technology include issues to deal with the data storage if the teachers are aware of topics such as the copyright and how to handle the sensitive data.

Integration and technology use

The integration of technology focuses on the frequency of inclusion of information. There exist a wide range of technologies which can be used in teaching. Teachers were asked to provide examples of integration mechanisms in which they have applied in the course of their careers. Some of the technology examined is the use of database and application of spreadsheets. The change in technology and the adoption of various institutions will be considered, (Fisher 2016). Time spent by teachers with digital devices is taken into consideration, such as touch pads and computers.


In many of the survey that was done, the views of the teachers were factored through the use of questions. The relationship was then created with the student success in the school curriculum as well as the teacher's beliefs with technology. The challenges which face teachers in their daily life are taken into consideration through the survey.

Development resources

This deals with developing the of the teachers who have not the required technological skills to the teachers. The needed resources are also evaluated to be in line with the set targets of the learners. The availability of computers in schools helps teachers to strive and try to get the technological skills for those who lack them.

Needs and wants

This assessment helps to determine what the teachers need to achieve progress in technological integration. For teachers to be able to develop, they need to have some background in search of information from the internet. The teachers will be assessed to determine the kind of technology by which they are familiar with to use in their classes. This is of help determine the favorable technology to employ in the lessons to ensure students perform well.


The change in technology has got many needs which vary from one institution to another. The much difference from one school to another makes it essential to survey information from one place to another. The survey helps in the collection of vital data to improve the analysis of technology use in schools. Considerations of the adaptations are also to be taken into effect to help achieve the best results.


In this case, each of the teachers is analyzed critically, focusing on the weakness and strengths of each teacher in the education capacity. The technical ability was also evaluated to ensure the teachers have the right technological know-how in the field of technology, (Ekmekci 2017). Other issues were also tested, such as the capacity of teachers to file the essential documents.


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