Essay Sample on 'Taste the Feeling': Examining Coca-Cola's Advert

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Date:  2023-04-24


An advertisement is an announcement made online, on television, on a poster, or in a newspaper concerning something such as an event, a job, or a product (Fetisova, 2015). However, promotion, on the other hand, refers to a form of marketing communication aimed at informing or persuading the target customers or audiences in regards to the benefits of a product, service, or a brand (Fetisova, 2015). Thus this particular paper will discuss the coca-cola advert "Taste the Feeling," which is used to commercialize the coca-cola brands as well as building emotional connections in the minds of people globally.

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The coca-cola advert "Taste the Feeling" is made simple, thus maintaining the key concept of the storyline. The advert is categorically based on a core message, "drinking any brand of coca-cola brings pleasure and makes you more special." Notably, the advert sentiment is vital since it helps in changing the conversation globally, which is mainly driven by the propaganda of causing tooth erosion and obesity as well (Fetisova, 2015). Hence, the advert directly conveys the message by telling a story of the benefits of coca-cola brands.

The "Taste the Feeling" advert is such a memorable tagline that is entirely done by iconic people such as Conrad Sewell, producer Avicii, and Swedish artist who is renowned for being studio wizardry. They celebrate the experience of drinking a coca-cola brand cheerfully. The advert "Taste the Feeling" is the most creative campaign advert around the world since it unites and brings together all the coca-cola trademarks under one creative idea that moves around the globe (Fetisova, 2015).

Moreover, the creative advert campaign has an audio signature, interactive digital experience, a global music anthem, visual identity, and photography as well (Kodak et al., 2015). The advert is composed in such manner which it relents to a number of situations through capturing everyday life moments such as the first date, hanging out with friends, first love, first kiss, and ice skating which are well connected to coca cola tagline "Taste the Feeling" (Kodak et al., 2015).


The advert is an effective promotional tool since the audiences or target groups are well connected with personalities like Conrad Sewell and producer Avicii as well as certain scenarios with which they are able to identify in the advert (Kodak et al., 2015). Secondly, the advert builds a strong emotional connection more so in the minds of the target group of audiences. Also, the advert anthem is perfectly used to demonstrate a series of various emotional moments in which the coca-cola brands are enjoyed.


Fetisova, T. (2015). Understanding Coca-Cola advertising campaigns: a strategic analysis of the 'share a coke'campaign. Unpublished thesis, the State University of New York in Prague.

Kodak, B., Oketch, O., & Matu, P. M. (2015). Innovation in the Language of Coca Cola Television Advertisements.

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