Recruiting and Selection in Apple Inc Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-22

The recruitment and section process is very vital in attracting and retaining the most qualified personnel that aid in achieving the core goals and objectives of a firm. Recruitment refers to the process where an organization identifies the need to acquire staff to fit a particular job position. On the other hand, selection refers to the process through which the organization evaluates the various job applications for the identified job position, and determines the most appropriate candidate that fits the job description (Pritchard, 2007). In this case, the paper aims at analyzing the recruitment and selection function of Apple Inc. Company.

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Apple Inc. is a multinational company situated in California, United States that majorly deals with technology products such as mobile phones, electronics, computers, software, and also provides online service as well. Just like in any organization, Apple Inc. values their employees and hence has a human resource function that handles the recruitment and selection process. Despite the increasing challenges of a labor shortage in the United States, the company does not experience a significant level of labor shortages, but it has sufficient employees that handle the organizational operations. Nevertheless, Apple has a new plan of establishing an Apple campus which requires recruiting and hiring new employees into the company to take up the new positions. Although it does not face any challenges with labor shortages, the company faces challenges while competing for talented personnel with other multinational companies such as Microsoft and HP.

Apple Inc. maintains recruitment policies that aid the entire hiring policies. For instance, it aims at acquiring a diverse workforce especially now that the company operates in various geographical locations across the world. For instance, some of its manufacturing processes take place in China and India despite the company being headquartered in the USA. For this reason, it attracts a wide range of workers from various cultural backgrounds. Besides, the US population is characterized by various customers from different cultural backgrounds and for this reason; the company focuses on embracing the diversity that exists among its target markets. Also, the human resource function aims at conducting a fair recruitment process that provides each person with an equal opportunity to secure the job position. In this case, the company seeks to avoid discrimination based on any grounds whether racial, gender, education, or ethnicity as much as possible. The selection process also follows some policies that focus on capturing individuals that have an innovative mind, future-oriented, passionate, visionary, and those that strive for excellence.

Consequently, Apple Inc. follows a specific recruitment and selection process with the aid of acquiring the best candidate to fit the job position. It also focuses on talents acquisition which is usually beyond the selection process. After selecting the most appropriate candidate that matches the job description, the human resource department engages these individuals in a training program and later places them onboard with the aim of identifying the most talented person. Besides, the most efficient way to identify a person's talent is by allowing them to take action. This process thus enables the company to determine the personnel that are fit in developing creative designs; those that can handle technical computations, and those that are talented in information technology appliances. As a result, these people aid in achieving a high degree of innovation in the company. Moreover, Apple is currently known to produce highly innovative products that help in creating a competitive. Therefore, it is evident that innovative strategies are maintained by acquiring highly talented individuals through the recruitment process.

Apple Inc. encompasses five distinct stages through the recruitment and selection process. In the first stage, the human resource manager identifies the job vacancy and completes and recruitment request form. The manager further outlines the job description, the salary range, the interview questions, the tools to be used in evaluating the skills, and the criteria to be used to assess the candidates. In the second stage, the human resource department now announces the job vacancy by drafting advertisements. It is made through various platforms including newspapers, televisions, radios, LinkedIn, and through the company's website. Here, the manager also ensures that they clearly state the job description and the requirements of the fit candidate. The department also incurs all the associated with advertising and other costs incurred throughout the process.

In the next stage, the candidates begin to forward their applications and resumes. The human resource department thus takes action by reviewing and screening the application to check if they met the minimum requirements. It is in this stage that application is accepted or rejected. Once the screening of the applications is complete, the qualified candidates are called for a face to face interview. The interview questions usually relate to the job at hand usually involving a panel. If Apple Inc. is satisfied with the resume, they invite the candidate to undergo 3 to 4 rounds of interviews ("Recruitment and Selection," 2018). The first interview consists of a group, the second in a phone interview; the third involves the managers where the candidate may be evaluated based on their dressing code, and the last interview involves the senior manager. Once the client is successful, they are usually notified through the emails where they undergo the last staged. It involves conducting a reference check on the candidate. Once Apple is satisfied with all the information acquired in all the stages, the successful candidate is then offered the job position.


Despite the competitive selection process, other elements make Apple Inc. appear attractive as an employer. For instance, being a multinational company makes every person want to secure a job in the company. Also, it values its employees by providing competitive compensation packages alongside other additional benefits such as health insurance, paid leave, and bonuses.


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