Essay Sample on Smoking Cessation Education Among Adults and the Elderly Patients in Primary Care Clinic, Houston

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Date:  2022-11-16


Smoking is among the behavioral health problems that has affected a higher number of individuals globally. According to most researchers, the rate of smoking has increased in different countries worldwide (Islami, Torre & Jemal, 2015). This increase in the number of smokers is what has influenced most health institutions to initiate smoke cessation programs. The programs are usually meant to create awareness in smokers about the effect smoking has on the human body. Different teaching materials and other resources have been put in place to assist in educating smokers. Furthermore, smoking cessation has been a topic that has raised much attention being that different people's primary concerns are to support the tobacco users quit smoking. I, however, chose the theme, smoking cessation education among the adults and elderly patients in Houston. Besides, the adult and elderly patients from the Houston community can use different learning styles have acquired education at different levels making it easy to use various teaching materials on them. This paper, however, aims at analyzing the appropriate teaching materials for adult and elderly patients in primary clinical care in Houston and how the elements can cater for or impede the audience's receptivity of the information to be shared.

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Teaching Materials for the Adult and Elderly Patients About Smoking Cessation

Teaching materials are the resources which instructors use to help learners understand a particular subject through visual or audio perception. Resources used are based on the learning styles and education levels of the learners. Other factors such as community group and age of the learners must also be considered before a teaching material is used. In this case, the following teaching resources will be used on the patients to deliver information about smoke cessation in Houston, printed ads, table signs, flyers, and posters ( These resources are majorly from the Great American Smokeout Events. They have adequate information on various ways a smoker can quit smoking ( Besides, the resources are applicable for the patients who can read and interpret information written on a paper or a wall. The teaching materials, flyers, table signs, blackboard, newspapers printed ads with significant information on tobacco cessation is essential for the elderly as they do not need too much information (Lancaster & Stead, 2017). That is, there is a likelihood that they will get bored while reading long texts. Apart from the written documents, other materials can be involved in teaching elderly patients to include videos among other visual elements.

How the Materials can Impede or Cater to the Audience's Receptivity of the Information

Typically, when educating adults or elders, their skills and knowledge are of significance. This is important as it assists in determining their reading ability, ability to understand English, learn or use the resources. I chose different teaching resources, in this case, to cover for different patients in Houston who may be visually impaired or hearing inability. The written documents, in this case, flyers, printed ads, and table signs can significantly cater to the audience's receptivity. This is based on the fact that they are usually short and easy to read. I chose different resources being that the level of education of the people from Houston is higher. Other teaching resources such as videos can be used on patients with hearing inability. All in all, the materials can significantly cater to the audience's receptivity unless they are too long to create boredom.


Overall, smoking cessation is a topic that needs significant attention. However, only appropriate teaching materials should be used on patients to assist in the quick delivery of such information.


Islami, F., Torre, L. A., & Jemal, A. (2015). Global trends of lung cancer mortality and smoking prevalence. Translational lung cancer research, 4(4), 327.

Lancaster, T., & Stead, L. F. (2017). Individual behavioral counselling for smoking cessation. Cochrane database of systematic reviews, (3).

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