Essay Sample on Slavery on Nineteenth Century America

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One thing that is worth noting is that the ingenuity together with the spirit of hard-working concerning the early Americans stands to be what contributed to propelling the country to greatness in its early years. The reality of the matter is that early labor which actually drove the economy was as a result of the slavery. It is equally worth noting that majority of the Africans were disposed of as property to the southern owners of the land for the reason of working in the fields under very inhumane conditions that are beyond one reasoning in the current society. These happenings became one of the hottest debate in the politics of America for more than half decade resulting in a number of the sectional divisions within the American people. From this viewpoint majority of the Northerners stood being unwavering about the spreading of slavery into other territories. Hence many of the slave owners believed that it remained their right of deciding how and when they could transport slaves which they perceived to be their private properties wherever they find it useful and convenient for them. There were numerous attempts made to reconcile such kind of the differences that brought a lot of divisions among various parties. In as much as slavery remains to be one of the initial driving force in regards to cheap labor that propelled the growth of the early economy of America, its undertakings challenged the moral compass of not only North but also that of the south hence finally resulting into Civil War.

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About the outcome of the legislation, it is worth noting that the so famous Three-Fifths Compromise took into account of the following; that is a Compromise between the states in terms of Free states as well as slave states upon which the constitution was on the process of being drafted. The Compromise had the provision that stated that every slave entitled to given state ought to be counted as being three-fifths of the white person. This provision was so crucial and as well very critical determining factor in view of the fact that the number of House representatives ought to have been based on the number of people in a given state. The aspect of implementing Three-Fifth Compromise tends to a great extent to have upsurge the representation as well as political power concerning the States that owned slaves. Hence the impact of this enabled the South to garner sufficient political power thereby gaining control mainly of the early elections of the presidential. Thus in regards to what can be well-thought-out to be Three-Fifths compromise, it can be argued that even if the Compromise facilitated early power to Slave states, the fact remained that the rapid growth of the population in North slowly eroded such advantage. Hence the Three-Fifth Compromise eventually passed with Thirteen Amendment.

Later Missouri had requested admission to Union towards the end of the year 1814 as one of the slave State that threatened to tip scale between states of the slave and anti-slaves. Acceptance of Missouri tends to have sent some signals indicating that slavery ought to have further expanded into the Louisiana Purchase lands. All in all, there are a series of events that took place together with determined characters of people all of which can be described as the journey of liberty challenged in the land of America.

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