Paper Example on Colonization: Europeans Exploring New Lands for Resources and Expansion

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Date:  2023-10-02

Question: The history of Europeans in America

Response: Colonization of Europe began in the later 1490s after traders entered the country in search of a new and stable route that would enhance the exchange of commodities. Portugal settled most of what is now called Latin America while France settled on what is now Brazil and Canada (Class Notes, YouTube). The Dutch were the first settlers in what is now called New York but were overtaken by the English speaking natives after two years who renamed the area from New Amsterdam. Native Americans were negatively impacted by the new settlers since they had to share the available resources and were forced to engage in other income generating activities that would support their livelihoods since they livers were distracted from what they had previously considered their norm and culture.

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The original settlers of Jamestown and Plymouth had different goals of transforming the areas into economic hubs where importation of raw materials would happen. The readily available gold and tobacco which were all natural resources attracted and retained the attention of settlers as they perceived the locals would avail cheap labor (Class Notes, YouTube). The reliable climatic conditions would give the settlers an advantage of cultivating the land and transforming it into an area generating its foods. The supply of food would support the growing populations.

The New England colonies supported the growth and expansion of agriculture, livestock farming, and the textile industries. Driven by the need to spread the concept of religion, settlers in New England believed that they would transform the locals’ beliefs and traditions by teaching them about God. The process was not positively received as the locals staged a war against the pilgrims. The coast also provided a comparative advantage for the settlers to engage in trade activities where building of ships and fishing were supported (Class Notes, YouTube). On the other hand, the Southern colonies comprised of Georgia, Maryland, north and South Carolina, and Virginia. This area was characterized by disagreements on the boundaries with settlers arguing amongst themselves. Religious differences between the settlers also caused an undefined pathway for them to convince the locals of having a different mindset (Class Notes, YouTube). Agricultural activities were favored since the climate around this colony supported farming. The Middle Colonies included Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. Their strategic locations served as areas where traders met and exchanged commodities with ease. The warm climate also attracted settlers.

Question: How did England’s victory in the French and Indian War lead ultimately to the loss of its American colonies?

Response: England’s victory in the French and Indian War led to the loss of its American colonies after it spent most of its resources and manpower in the 7-year period conflict, and unforeseen disputes between the leaders on the best policies to use to manage the new areas (Class Notes, YouTube). The British expected their colonialists would fund the war activities due to the advantage they had enjoyed of secured borders. The colonial masters were non-committal as they believed that were not liable for the activities that had taken in the past. Britain reacted by having a military reaction from the colonial masters who reacted as they were being forced to take part in paying debts they had not directly accumulated (Class Notes, YouTube). England no longer had the manpower and dynamics to engage in a war immediately after the one against the French and Indian had ended, and it begrudgingly lost its North America colony.

Question: Identify several important factors that helped Americans win the Revolution

Response: The British debt was one of the main factors that helped Americans to win the Revolution as it had been one of the main drivers of this process. After the war, Britain was in large economic debts and it was financially unprepared to stage or support another conflict. It made unsuccessful attempts to impose the burden on colonialists who had opposed this move. Colonialists reacted by creating unrests that resulted in active hostilities and war. The Britain masters did not expect such a reaction and the war dragged for a long period.

America liaised with France which contributed to its win in the Revolution. France was an enemy of Britain owing to the 7-year period conflict that had just ended. America took advantage of the conflict by initiating a relationship with an enemy. France now supplied military and financial assistance to America which gave the country a comparative advantage against the British Empire. Many locals had been long tired of the Britain invasion of its properties and America’s attempt to liberate itself was received with a positive attitude. European intellectuals perceived the colonists rebellion as a justified move. Britain was overpowered since they were fighting against an enemy that had secured itself with allies across the world.

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