How Lee Ostwald Killed JF Kennedy

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Date:  2021-03-05

There are many accounts of how Lee Harvey Ostwald killed JF Kennedy. The truth will indeed remain, maybe with the person who pulled the trigger. There are things that people agree on about the assassination, for instance, the fact that a sniper was in the Texas school book depository where bullet casings were found. The entire shooting took 7 seconds. The first bullet hit the president, and this fact is by the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Connelly went to their grave claiming that they saw the president reacting to the first shot.

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The second short missed Kennedy ultimately an injured Connelly, and that was the bullet that was found in Mr. Connelly's stretchers. JF Kennedy was hit on the head by the third shot, which blew out the contents of his skull. The impact forced him to move into the odd direction. The direction it could have moved if Ostwald would have been shot.

Evidence that proves that JF Kennedy route is that there is a photo from the front of the limo, which shows Kennedy and Connelly reacting to being hit by the first two shots. In that photo there no crack in the front of the limo, but after the assassination, there is the crack on the driver's side of limo screen keeping a direct line to Ostwald's snipers nest. Two bullet fragments were found in front of the limo. Theory both prove that both shots that were fired by someone who acted alone. Ostwald was the only bookstore employee who did show up for roll call. Another evidence on him is that he was seen coming into work with a package consistent with his dismantle rifle. The gun that he had bought was found on 6th floor with the shell casings matching the rifle

It is essential to note that the fact that Ostwald was seen on the different level from where the shooting took place does not prove much. Other people have claimed that was Ostwald trying to establish an alibi minutes which does not go well few minutes later when he misses roll call. Ostwald had plenty of time to get down from the 6th floor before anyone had realized what had happened

The behavior of Ostwald before and after the shooting clearly proved that he was the one who had the trigger that fateful day. He shorted police and killed police officer J.D. Tippit, this is a clear evidence of him being the shooter, and there is no slight evidence pointing to someone else.

Another account according to Warren commission they found out that Lee Harvey Ostwald killed the president himself which essentially true according to many researchers who have investigated the story. The Commission believed that he fired six shots from the 6th-floor story building of Texas school book depository. Ostwald first shot did get the limo it struck a pavement and scratched a bystander on the cheeks, but the fragments were never found. The second bullet short JF Kennedy in the back and went through his to hit Mr. Connelly in his back ribs and lodges his leg. The shot short which killed the president hit him on his head. It concluded that Lee Harvey Ostwald acting alone killed President JF Kennedy

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