Business Proposal in Regards to Client's Complaint on an Advertising Work Paper Example

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Date:  2022-08-23


I at this moment wish to bring to your attention the above subject matter. I am the vice president of Human resource management at Phoenix. Am writing this proposal in regards to client's complaint on an advertising work that was done by Roanoke, our Virginia branch. Being the vice president the latter fall under my jurisdiction and I have all that is it takes to investigate, identify the matter and offer a proposal on how to mitigate or respond to the complaint.

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The problem is that four of the Phoenix clients' complaint of a poor advertising work done by Roanoke. Being one of our satellite agency in Virginia we are concerned because both the client and the agency are key to the phoenix's success. I am proposing a way out to help save the situation by addressing the issue. Therefore, poor performance among our staff is the main issue that the proposal will seek to address. Employee's poor performance can be due to some reasons. It might be caused by staffs being subjected to stress and heavy work load. Some of the employees might work under pressure, but others might succumb and end up doing low quality work. Another factor could be a case of inadequate resources regarding material resources or even time. Finally, it might be a case of an obsolete technology use or even poor pairing of team members. Consequently, with the poor performance of employee due to the possible reasons discussed above, it translates to a poor quality of work done, the clash of interest and customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, my objective will be on how to enhance employee's morale and thus improve on service delivery across Phoenix and its satellite agencies.

Proposal and schedule

My recommendation is geared towards; bringing back the confidence that our clients had on us as well as address the issue of employee's poor performance. For the clients, it will spare the first one month and engage with them to understand where the problem is coming from. Besides the one on one discussion, I will come up with a compensatory scheme in the following month to addresses any damages that the client might have undergone at our cost. To my fellow teammates, I will encourage feedbacks upon our weekly meetings. The latter will help me understand where their shoe pinches and possibly how they feel we can go about it. I believe that in the first three months into action we will have moved a step ahead regarding addressing the prevailing issue.


Winning client's trust back, compensating their losses and doing follow ups I will let the operation manager for Roanoke with the assistance of Phoenix president to undertake. Am certain they will manage the task because they are well qualified at the company level and also at the agency level. On the staffs, I will personally engage them because hrm is my area of specialization and am confident to engage them and come up with a workable plan going forward.


Objective assignee Timeframe
Client's compensation Follow-ups & one on one meeting President
Operations manager Roanoke Within the first two months
Employee's deliberation & feedback Me (Vice president HRM) Within the first three months

Request for authorization

It is, therefore, my humble submission to you the executive team that you may authorize the proposal to take effect. It will save us a lot if you approve my recommendation within one week's time.

Yours sincerely

Vice President (HRM)

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