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Date:  2022-11-13


I want to join Auburn University to complete my Master of Accountancy. I have always had an interest in accounts as well as numbers. Therefore, my decision to pursue the course is driven by passion. I love accounting, and as a result, I want to increase my knowledge in the subject through further studies. Besides, it has been my lifetime dream to be a certified public accountant. My ultimate goal is to study and attain academic excellence in the field of accounting. Business courses, particularly accounting provide an understanding of the outcomes of management resolutions. For that reason, I believe I will gain enough skills upon taking the course. Hence, as a hardworking learner, I will put them into good use. With the help of professors, I can also acquire data analytical skills hence the ability to handle real catastrophes in accounting firms. The accounting bridge program online is favorable for students with part-time jobs.

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Why I Am Suitable for the Opportunity

I am suitable to enroll in the accounting bridge program online since I have a strong passion and love for accounting. On the other hand, I have always wanted to study at Auburn University from the time I started my high school since it is popular in offering quality education, particularly in business-related courses. Therefore, as a business student, I will benefit a lot from this academic program. It is also my desire to succeed academically, and I believe once Auburn university offers me an opportunity to pursue my masters, I will accomplish my goals. My next career step, starting an accounting firm, can only be attained after pursuing a Master of Accountancy. Hence, getting an opportunity to study at Auburn will take me to the next career step. One only secures a rightful place as a corporate accountant after achieving a master's in accounting. Also, one can easily work or venture into other corporate sectors such as banking and insurance.

The Relevance of the Study

I am eager to commence the learning program so that I can fulfill my desire to open a new accounting company. The company will offer quality and unique professional services. Creating a good relationship with my professors will grow my leadership qualities. Students who further studies in business and accounting related fields have a high prospect of securing jobs. Most accounting firms hire or require outstanding graduates with enough knowledge and skills. For that reason, with a Master of Accountancy, I can work appropriately in any accounting firm. Further, the continuous circulation of money across the world is an indication that accountants and accounting firms are needed to facilitate the process. Also, studying online creates a platform where students interact internationally and share academic information. As a result, they enhance diversity and social cohesion. Besides, it creates global opportunities for accounting students and other learners.

My Related Interests

I have an interest in serving people, and it is for that reason that I worked in the military. Besides, I like creating a good model for other learners who want to further their studies to increase academic knowledge. I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with prominence in Accounting and Finance. Through consistent hard work and practice, I managed to get GPA of 3.47. Serving in the military for more than seven years, between 2000 and 2008, I developed outstanding administrative skills. Besides, I turned out to be a disciplined and active leader while working in the military. Also, I developed a rational, structured and concrete way of reasoning. For that reason, I can serve in any managerial role. Lastly, I pursued associates in Computer Information at Imperial Valley College hence the great knowledge of computer-related assignments. Most of these achievements are a result of teamwork, enthusiasm, and determination.

My desire is not to only fulfill my personal goals of succeeding academically but also to impact the knowledge acquired in serving the society. It is evident that I have a strong desire in helping people through the many years I worked in the military. My details as stated above clearly demonstrate the high expectations I have in this opportunity. Therefore, am looking forward to being enrolled at Auburn University. Once given a chance, I will forever be grateful since the Master is what I need to progress to my next level.

Indeed, passion and love for accounting are the reasons I want to increase my knowledge in the subject through further studies. My final objective is to study and realize academic brilliance in the ground of accounting. I could also obtain data analytical abilities hence the skill to real knob misfortunes in accounting corporations. Henceforth, securing a chance to school at Auburn will lift me to the next professional stage. I promise to work hard and cooperate with my professors. Kindly deliberate on my application so that I can bring positive change to the society and the entire world.

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