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In any form of education, it is important to be cognizant of any strategies and resources of personalized learning. Because it will help provide more personalized learning experiences for any of the students, including nursing and health care courses. Simulations will help learners be more attracted to learning sessions, and instantly give attention to the sessions being led by the teacher. Students preferred learning styles can be grouped interdependently. However, the creation of handouts, study guides, and other learning resources should be dependent on the learning styles that fit the learning group or the learning students. In this discussion, the focus will be to analyze various VARK learning styles and how they aid in health promotion through the integration of four key aspects; visual, aural, reading, and kinesthetic. It provides an entire role of different learning styles. The discussion does so through comparing different learning styles as seen below:

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Personal Learning Strategies


According to the VARK questionnaire, I would use both visual and auditory learning styles. As a visual learner, I would prefer this aspect as a learning strategy as it would not only help to limit the amount of information displayed by words but concisely encourages mental imagery. In terms of auditory learning, the most personal method in relation to the questionnaire is reading aloud and repeating the content of the information just learned. From the above summary, it is clear that I prefer using a multi-modal learning style. Multi-modal learning style enabled by technology makes it easy to implement two learning styles at a time; the visual and audio style.

Preferred Learning Style

Putting more emphasis on visual learning has greater benefits than the audio style. Therefore, it is essential for teachers to prefer the use of maps, color codes, charts and diagrams which illustrates information rather than explain information in word form. The use of graphs, diagrams and various charts as learning resources and style is a preferable visual style than the use of sketch notes or any other methods because of the way they represent information. A graph, a chart or a diagram summarizes a lot of information that might need a lot of pages when written down as notes.

When dealing with more than one learner, most researches state that students prefer working in groups. Learners believe working in groups always creates pleasure and room for enhanced ideas. Within the groups, learners benefit more when things are repeated loudly (Husmann, & Mussell, 2019). The group discussion and talking the answers out loud is better than other styles like telephone style. The telephone learning style where the learner listens to the information told to them (Husmann, & O'Loughlin, 2019). Afterward, the learners are supposed to repeat the information they had been told in their own words. The telephone method is effective, only that it limits the process of allowing the learners to process the information on their own. It is a method very suitable for learner retention and production but not suitable for learner understanding the concepts.

Read/Write Learning Styles

Read and writing learning styles are more of a style where students write down the information they are learning as they read through. This type of learning is quite not interesting to most learners including me because of the time it takes. The style consumes a lot of time limiting the amount of information that one can learn within a given time. However, recent technologies like Microsoft PowerPoint have made the method easy to use. A lot of information can be freeze into little information with the help of Microsoft.

Kinesthetic Learning

Kinesthetic learning is best for handling hands-on information and opportunities. The method is the best since, sitting passively in classrooms which most students do make learning more theoretical than practical. Kinesthetic learning is a good learning style but not for everyone including me since it focuses more on psychomotor skills which most students like me are not good at. The practical part is quite a difficult part to learn compared to theory.

Importance of Identifying Individual Learning Styles and How They Influence Educational Outcomes

Every learner is unique in its own way. Students do not operate the same all of them. People learn best in an environment where they are free (Retrosi, Morris, & McGavock, 2019). Choosing a style unique to each learner allows each to relate to the content or the information that the learner needs to acquire. Providing the learners with style organization helps the learner process information and put it into a format that they understand the best. Providing a student with the opportunity to create a model of something they learn is the best hands any student can have on acquiring new information.

Educational outcomes are affected by learning styles. Making choices of the best learning styles influences educational outcomes through attitudes, comprehension, and Meta-cognition. The learner-based styles have a positive impact on educational performance as they are based on strength and preferences of each learner. Once the learners know themselves, they are likely to achieve the best of their ability. Self-motivated learners participate a lot in their learning process and progress way better on their academic endeavors.

Learning Styles and Health Promotions

Health promotions more than anything require the best learning styles of the students who are involved in the program (Asiry, 2016). Active learning participation in a health promotion requires learners to come up with problem-solving engagements which are what a preferred learning style extracts from health promotion learners. Health promotion also requires a little bit of research. Materials used for research and research interpretation are supposed to be tied to the various learning styles, thereby enhancing accuracy. Desired outcomes of the best learning styles needed in health promotion are accurate research and critical problem-solving skills.

All four learning styles would be important in health promotion. Visual learning is important in identifying the diagrams and charts necessary for health promotion. Audio learning is important in knowing the kinds of advertisements that would help the public learn about health. Reading and writing are important in identifying the important parts of the promotion. Kinesthetic learning importantly affects the psychomotor of the ones involved in the promotion.


In conclusion, all the learning styles are relevant for both the students and health promotion. As mentioned in the thesis and discussed in the essay, learning styles vary from one learner to the other. VARK questionnaire importantly helps in determining the type of learning styles that are preferred by each. Focusing on health promotion, learning styles as discussed influences student behavior towards new information and therefore should be a point of focus when learning about health promotion. The discussion finally analyzes the influence of each of the learning styles on students' educational performance and the expected health promotion activities. In totality, the paper is proof that learning styles influence health promotion results. Providing the learners with style organization helps the learner process information and put it into a format that they understand the best.


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