Essay Sample on Personal Narration and Life Experiences

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Date:  2022-04-15


Personal Narrative is one of the forms of writing. In which the writer narrates their own life events and experiences in a sequential manner. They focus more on the real-life events or the person's experiences. The feelings, thoughts, and reactions of the writer are vividly described. These personal experiences sometimes might make us laugh or cry. In account to this, different people have got different stories and experiences to tell depending on the occurrence of different events in their lives.

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"Whoosh" I felt that wind blow gliding past me as i give my best in the horse mounting. Fraulein is the name of my Horse, my left foot was in the saddle as my arms were over my horse's back and I was more than ready to lift myself up. Fraulein's ears were up in a flash of lightning and suddenly began to gallop. Boom! Boom! Her hooves hit the ground in a loud sound more of a thunder in a storm. Oh, God was the only thing in my mind at that moment, as I try my best to remove the foot stuck in the stirrup in vain. I thought of jumping but thought of being crushed by Fraulein if he turns back. At last I got my foot out, for a moment I was moving in the air like a shooting ball in the air. Suddenly, I hit the ground in a crush and laughed at myself. My mom; aunt, Jocelyn and Sofia thought the incident was pretty funny. I stood up and consoled myself with my dad's words that if you fall off from the horse get back and don't quit. Tomorrow came, and I went back to the ranch though I was scared of what awaits me, I knew I must ride. Since then to date, riding has become my life, horseback riding is what I do, it's my hobby and I enjoy doing it (McClures, 2017)

On the other hand, a 14 year old girl narrates her personal experience in school. She was the antisocial kind of a person. In school, she has a small circle of friends; three girls are her company in most occasions. They take lunch in the same Conner place. One day as she was in the bathroom, she heard other girls who were in the same bathroom talking of H. this girl called H. was a girl in their school. Other girls viewed her as mostly associated with boys. The girls were gossiping about H., they said H. did it with twelve boys! She was thrilled to hear these as well as the other girls in the bathroom who did not know about this rumor. She was happy that she now has a story to tell her friends. During lunch hour, she met them at their usual place. The girls were talking of their own stories, but told them she had the latest gossip in school and they all paid attention to her. The gossip was, H did it with twelve boys! The girls were astonished as the ones in the bathroom; all the same they have heard the rumor. After that, the 14 year old girl and the three girls became so close, every time she could try and find the current rumor in school. Finding rumors and gossip aided her in maintaining the friendship with the girls. Finally, she stopped getting information and the girls flew from her. Soon she began being lonely again. One day she met with H. and from how she looked at her, she realizes that she is a kind girl. In fact she started doubting the rumors about H. this girl H was also lonely in her own way, no company of friends and was always walking alone and minded her own business. The girl then found herself walking with H. the bell rang and H. disappears.

Our personal experiences are similar in one way or another, such that, both personal experiences depict our feelings. The 14-year-old girl, on one hand, expresses her feelings of being antisocial with a small circle of friends; while on the other hand, my feelings and pain after falling down from the horseback are also expressed. From the girl's personal experiences I learn that everyone must have that personal experience at one stage of life and can be widely shared, in the way the girl shared hers (Emily White, 2014)


In conclusion, personal narratives should be interesting, it should be captivating with an ability to make your audience laugh or cry during your narration.


Emily White, (2014) Dishing dirt: personal college narratives.

McClures (2017) Nurture your mind with great thoughts: Never Give Up.

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