Essay Sample on Paraprofessional Teacher: Supporting Students with Special Needs

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Date:  2023-02-17


A paraprofessional teacher is described as a word that is commonly used in the field of education that is used to refer to an individual who closely works with a certified classroom teacher to provide additional assistance to students. They usually adhere to the same schedules as teachers seen though their duties and responsibilities are focused on explicitly providing learning support in general to students having special needs. To meet requirements of students with disabilities according to this video can be advocated through massive inclusion of programs nationwide initiative and fueled by the individuals with Disabilities Education Act plus No Child Left Behind Act (Barrio, & Hollingshead, 2017). The main aim of this paper is providing answers to questions relating to the paraprofessional activity.

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However, the video starts with an introduction to the main idea to be presented, the categories of disabilities, an act of inclusion and belonging, friendship and social interaction, paraprofessional support, multiple intelligence and learning and finally challenging behavior (Draper, Brown, & Jellison, 2019). My work in the classroom as a paraprofessional is ensuring that children with disabilities have gained their maximum and they are freely enjoying without bothering of who they are. Further, in a general manner coping yup with disability situation and taking care is a requirement according to this video. As paraprofessionals, we need to have a kind heart when conducting our activities of helping disabled persons.

Moreover, the population I serve is similar to the scenario depicted from the video since most paraprofessionals have minimal tasks as compared to teaching professionals. The statement of similarity above can be clearly explained through the character traits of paraprofessional individuals as described in the video. Paraprofessionals areas, according to view, usually emphasizes on no inclusions at all neither between students nor rooms. There is blocking of social interactions, due to students acts of leaving the room in and out. What that Julie need s to see according to the video which can be directly rhyming with the population I serve is; students' s to be naturally included, truly inclusive schools plus an interdependence act between students. Concerning disabilities mentioned in the video, the most common disability that is present in the class that is assigned include; emotional disturbance, deaf-blindness, specific learning disability, hearing retardation which have to be keenly looked (Chopra, & Giangreco, 2019). A personal experience with the student whose Name is marked who is generally included in the overall experience. The boy is a student in New York a school having hearing retardation disability. He is struggling to catch up and understand what happens in the external environment. Thus to achieve this, I only depicted this action by making a clear view of his act.

More so, the lessons that I have learnt from this video is that disability is an attribute. One has to look for strengths but not deficits in peoples with disability. Further, we need to re-examine the traditional classroom, and finally, we should have the ability to see and appreciate the potential for each individual. On my side, the most important message that I have depicted from this video is that we should always have the ability to rethink current practices that are needed by people with disabilities. A critique for this video is passing the information relating to support provided to people with disability and ensuring that proper care is provided to them. Having more significant interaction with them and showing them their importance in life. The missing information are the challenges that the paraprofessional individual's experience on daily activity conduct.


In conclusion, issues that I confront habitually and my administration, which directs me differently towards student behavior is enough promotion of a conducive environment to individuals with disabilities. They should also have strong support at the moment that the teacher is teaching and giving directions. My advocation and recommendation on the video are that people with disabilities have a right to enjoying and appreciating who they are, and this is through enough support from paraprofessionals.


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