Essay Sample on Nursing: An Underrated Yet Fulfilling Profession

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Date:  2023-02-11


Nursing is a highly respected and critical profession in today's society. As a nurse, I can attest that the profession can, at times be challenging and underrated, but the feeling of reward that comes with assisting a patient in living to see another day is exceptionally fulfilling (Weiss, Tappen & Grimley, 2019). However, I chose to become a nurse since I have the intense desire to better and improve the lives of the individuals around me. My ailing mother also triggered this insatiable aspiration to be a nurse before joining the college to pursue the course where I was served with the responsibility to care for her and tried everything possible to care and comfort her while still recovering at the hospital. Although she was painfully suffering, I enjoyed seeing the way the nurses determinedly supported and comforted her and the overall outcome of this was improved medical care and was discharged in a more stable condition. Since this experience, I was inspired to pursue a career in nursing that would substantially help me to efficiently use my caring and empathy skills to support patients' during their illness. I have much interest in nursing since it is a hugely satisfying and rewarding profession. Typically, a nurse is required to care for the patients exclusive of any prejudice and integrate all their interpersonal skills in their work, and I firmly believed that I have all the qualities and skills required for nursing.

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My Nursing Philosophy

Concerning my philosophy of nursing, I firmly believe that as a nurse, I have a prominent role in caring for my patients as well as their families. Nursing care hugely concerns promoting quality patient care, and thus, my nursing philosophy revolves around health promotion within my community. I much enjoy supporting and assisting the people in need or are unable to take care of themselves and therefore find my field of work as a life-changing profession. To excellently achieve my nursing philosophy, I would always have in mind that my work primarily concerns patients and their families. Ideally, caring is an essential quality for the nurses that is adequately defined as enhancing a helping and trusting relationship with the patients while maintaining their individual's dignity (Lachman, 2012). Therefore, I believe that as a nurse caring and practising essential leadership skills in understanding the need for a patient and helping them regain their health. My nursing philosophy also integrates the knowledge of medicine and hugely concentrates on empowering each patient while delivering all-inclusive and quality nursing care.

My Vision for the Next Five To Ten Years

My vision as a nurse for the next five to ten years is to provide top-quality care to my patients and their families and ensure positive outcomes. I will utilize all the knowledge gained throughout my nursing experience to work with the patients and ensure adequate care effectively. However, to successfully achieve this, I will utterly respect my patients' opinions regarding their preferred treatment on various distinct scenarios and always put my views and beliefs aside to significantly work with my patients'. Thus to observe my nursing philosophy, every time I am serving a patient I must always put into consideration that patients opinions deserve respect to uphold their dignity while the family members for my patients needs to take care of their loved ones and be respectful to their requests.


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Weiss, S. A., Tappen, R. M., & Grimley, K. (2019). Essentials of Nursing Leadership & Management. FA Davis.

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