Essay Sample on Nurse Uniforms: Hygiene & Professionalism for Healthcare Staffs

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Date:  2023-03-30


Proper working attire is essential since it makes one more presentable and professional while handling clients. Today, healthcare staffs and professionals wear scrubs or uniforms of different styles and colors that have replaced the traditional ones. What will support to maintain nurses protected and secured from unwanted substances in the medical tunic, also from clinical compound or the sick that are used?

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The Aspects of Nursing Uniform


A nurse must be compassionate realize any materials or contaminable fluids that might have sprinkle to their outfits and can lead to any risk or harm to patients. For a good number of health professions and nurses, this appears to be the best purpose for considering scrubs as their top choice. Materials used to make the scrubs are that kind of materials which usually easy to realize whenever they contaminate with any dangerous fluid and can also be changed and cleaned whenever it's required. Nevertheless, today's scrub's sets downside is that various distinguished options are fully available. Nurses and healthcare professional can make their decision endlessly on different embroidery, patterns, and colors that fit them depending on personal tastes and fashion. However, it can create difficulties for patients to differentiate between healthcare professionals and nurses or identifying nurses quickly.

Better Immediate Impression Count

A person's code of dressing can lead to several first impression counts no matter what one knows about you. It is usually not easy for many people to avoid having a judgmental opinion over someone regarding meeting for their first time, which is always based only on one's appearance. The fact is that the foundation on which most people will create your appearance and impression is still your appearance, even if, in the future, the first impression of yours is realized to be entirely wrong. According to settings of a hospital, a put-together, neatly -scrubbed and well-dressed nurse confirms confidence, reliability, and strength appearance to patients who feel scared or worried, and this is very important. For a nurse to communicate his or her respect for their positions or themselves, they should have positive impressions during the first interaction with patients, and this explains the importance of the uniforms.

Uniforms Improve the Satisfaction of Patients

According to research, patients who are capable of communicating efficiently to healthcare providers and are involved actively in the care of themselves will have a better satisfactory experience and will safer, and this is what all healthcare professionals' desire. After all, nursing uniforms helps in identification of staff by patients and the patient's family, and it also helps in patient's confidence installation since they believe that their treatments are conducted by the professionals, organized team instead of wondering about whatever is done by every professional healthcare; whether physiotherapist, cleaner, nurse, doctor or even surgeon (Houweling, 2004).

Uniform is Safer

It is genuine that maintaining a particular dress code is more reliable, and so is the nursing uniform; the uniform keeps both nurses and patients safe. Nursing uniforms are not the scrubs only, even things like shoes and many others are part of their dresses as well. According to some hospitals, nurses are expected to wear white shoes to maintain balance and to avoid tripping. At the same time, some hospitals allow their nurses to wear shoes of their own choice so long as it fully covers the feet, it is sensible and okay. Allowing nurses a typical dress code to stick to explains that a manager can lay hold of nurse safety.


Houweling, L. (2004). Image, Function, and Style: A history of the nursing uniform. AJN The American Journal of Nursing, 104(4), 40-48. Retrieved from

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