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Professionalism is a skill or competence exhibited in a person's work ethic. It is a concept that describes how a person comes to work and conducts himself/herself on the job. A few qualities characterize it, i.e. being punctual, being accountable, being well-organized, having a good appearance and personal hygiene, being consistent as well as exemplifying humility and kindness (Leonard 2018).

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Throughout my educational career as a student and as an observer, I have learned how important it is to stay organized. Without organization, lectures may begin to fall apart, teachers may begin to lose focus, and students get confused. When I become a teacher I need to stay focused on the specific topic at that time, as well as, make the lecture fun and exciting, have the students engage with one another and make them enjoy what they are learning. I want to be the teacher students remember because I taught them in a way they will never forget.

To be a professional, I require a robust code of ethics. It takes patience, commitment, honesty, impartiality, responsibility, and fairness. Teachers are there to help these children grow and to build their knowledge and to prepare them for their future lives. Patience is a virtue because these children don't know or have the experience you might have. I am there to teach the students the information, and when or if a student is not retaining the info, I must consider reevaluating my teaching strategies. Acknowledge the student is not maintaining the knowledge and stay committed to that student until they understand. It is also equally important to raise a fair ground for the students to compete, without bias and ensure there is an equal responsibility remitted to each student in the classroom.

Domain four of TESS which represents Professional Responsibilities and in particular component 4e, Growing and Developing Professionally, is one that stuck out to me the most. I plan to reflect on this component throughout my educational career by seeking opportunities for professional development, seeking feedback on professional growth from colleagues, and seeking activities to participate in that contribute to my profession (Danielson 2007). The Learning Environment, individually Managing Classroom Procedures is another domain that was of major significance to me. The pressure of being a young teacher and teaching a large group of students can be intimidating. Will they "gang up" on me? Will they refuse to cooperate? As a teacher, I have to establish control from the beginning. By doing this, I must establish routines and procedures. I must ensure that the systems and transitions are easily understood and practical. My job is to teach these students not only the subject material but also responsibility. I must be as direct and clear when explaining expectations. I must implement the routines and procedures daily to ensure the students truly understand and I must take action when expectations are not met (Danielson 2007).

The way that I have exceptionally constrained experience could be deciphered as a shortcoming, and I need to concede that in the past this was something that stressed me the most. In any case, the way that I don't have much experience likewise implies that I will gain from more experienced instructors and that I won't be cautious while getting input since I realize that I have a lot to learn and to enhance. Having restricted experience likewise implies that I'm not the individual who demands to get things done especially, however instead I'm keen on adopting best practices.

Another shortcoming is that I have not been sufficiently confident, but instead I have understood that to become an educator, I have to take a shot at that and enhance my relational abilities. I have gone to a few workshops that have helped me change my view of assertiveness. Presently, I surmise that being emphatic is an imperative component in compelling correspondence and it doesn't have to appear to be being discourteous. I likewise trust that having been shy myself can enable me to identify with modest or contemplative students and demonstrate to them that they can similarly make significant commitments.


Danielson, C. (2007). Enhancing professional practice: A framework for teaching. Alexandria, Va: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Leonard, K. (2018). Meaning of Professionalism and Work Ethic. Chron. Online. Accessed on 11-27-2018.

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