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Maxime Fitness Company is a health and fitness organization that focuses on developing and improving the health and well-being of her customers. It is a local company in New York City established in 2004 and has consistently realized multidimensional success and improvements. The founder and Chief Executive Officer, Suzy Sulsona, and other staff members had dedicated themselves to ensure the credibility and authenticity of the organization as it has received numerous certificates according to it the right to operate in the New York City. For instance, through the CEO, it has obtained the credentials and certifications from institutions like the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and the American Council of Exercise. The competitive nature in the health and fitness industry has adequately forced the institution to diversify and include numerous elements within the organization to ensure its durability in the market. For instance, the company has employed more than 75 qualified and professional employees, who provide the customers with access to the best products and services, and attain a marvelous experience as they strive to achieve their health and fitness goals and objectives.

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Products and Services

The Maxime Fitness Club offers a wide range of services that are often creative and unique giving the customers an excellent experience as they strive to achieve personal training goals and fitness. It provides a conducive and challenging atmosphere that ensures the customers push themselves to the limit to obtain the stipulated goals and objectives. It provides overall health and wellbeing of the residential community members, extraordinary fitness and educational programs to the clients. For instance, it offers cardio training, barre classes, Pilates, Zumba, and Aqua Zumba, water aerobics, rehabilitation training, pre, and postnatal training, weight training, TRX, and Tabata Bootcamp. Its services have frequently been improved to ensure they meet the national health and fitness regulations. With the continuous innovation and educational programs, the Maxime organization has managed to dominate the New York City market irrespective of numerous competitors and substantial digitalized start-ups. It also offers other services such as spa services, swimming lessons and recreational programs like the adults' events, monthly book club, monthly art, and craft or dance parties and quarterly cheese and wine nights to foster a symbiotic relationship and foster unity with the community.

The Ethos of the Company

The company has a fundamental spirit of culture and characters that define its underlying sentiments, determines its beliefs, attitude, practices, and customs towards the clients and the community. It believes in the uplifting of the community members and dedicates it programs at ensuring they meet the ethical, health and social expectation of the city. The organization's mission involves the commitment and dedication of foster exemplary wellbeing and by providing an opportunity for personalized training, fitness and recreational activities within the residential communities. Further, it intensifies on the values and virtues of integrity, respect, and compassion to enable the clients to achieve its diverse objectives. Its multidimensional mission encompasses investing in the lives and wellbeing of the customers through initiating health programs that would propel the achievement of the fitness goals.

Services for the Company

The ACE team is a group of certified fitness practitioners that focuses on the improvement of fitness centers by recommending and installing different elements to help fitness companies succeed in the market. The group members understand the importance and the great need of promoting a healthy lifestyle within the society. We have dedicated ourselves to help in establishing a platform to ensure the health and fitness organization provide quality services to every client without discrimination of gender, age, color, or socio-economic background. In the Maxime organization, we would formulate to make the Maxime company a digitalized institution to enable the company to attract not only the local community clients but also the national and international customers. Developing a fitness app would enable the organization to easily reach a great magnitude of diverse beliefs, customs, language, and geographical location. The team strives to change the Maxime organization from a local community fitness center of a multinational organization through expanding its accessibility and availability to consumers across the nation and above. Despite being a New York-based local organization that focuses on providing health and fitness services and recreational facilities to the community member, its positive relation and cohesive interaction with locals avail a great platform for expanding its branches to other parts of the nation.

Additionally, the team yearns to provide a smart fitness and nutritional coaching that would enable the company to combine the fitness technology and sports science for faster and easier allocation of services round the clock to adequately achieve the fitness goals and objectives. Through formulating proper personalized meals and a workout plan that id adamantly flexible, the team would sort to change the perspective of training and fitness workout from a boring and tiresome routine to a fun and enjoyable activity of individuals from all spheres of life. With the advanced technological application incorporated within the institution, the team would enable the organization to monitor the progress of the customers easily and to make adequate adjustments to satisfy the client's needs. For instance, monitoring the heart rates of clients through the Fitbit, or Apple watches enables the company to keep track with the customers. Instigating technological advancement would give the company a competitive advantage against other organizations that have not embraced the technology in fitness. Therefore, the team would significantly improve the quality of products and service delivery to customers irrespective of their differences.

Moreover, the services the ACE team offers are often very affordable as we do not believe in extorting the clients but fostering and improving a cordial relationship with our clients. The team only charges for the development of an app that would digitalize the health and fitness activities and the progress record equipment. Despite having all the facilities to dominate the industry, the team often gives their client a priority to choose a flexible and the most suitable programs it would require. For instance, through extended discussion, the Maxime Company could ascertain the type, form, color and the name it wants for its app rather than the ACE team dictating everything. As the ACE team, we believe in the independent and success of every organization within the fitness industry. The development of the application and acquisition of the progress record devices cost approximately $1000 to $3500. The Maxime Fitness Club would greatly benefit from digitizing its services as it would widen its market scope and enable it to maintain its cohesive relationship with the customers.


In conclusion, with the incorporation of the digital app that allows customers to access the services from the comfort of their home irrespective of their geographical location, and the fitness educational program provided by the company, attracting new customers and retaining the existing clients would be significantly beneficial. Therefore, the Maxime Fitness Club should consider hiring the ACE team to help the company improve its marketability.

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