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I am a learner and a future teacher of mathematics. Mathematics is a science that uses the logic of quantity, shape, and arrangement. I love mathematics and this makes me be very active and interactive during a mathematics lesson. At the beginning of this course, I had a poor perspective of mathematics from the bad influence of my colleagues. However, as soon as my mathematics lessons started, I gained interest and had a lot of fun with this course. Mathematics is an essential discipline for us all and is applicable to for many college courses. Through learning of math, I have gained a lot of skills and knowledge that I would like to practice in future as a teacher of mathematics. In my class of mathematics, I learned topics such as algebra, statistics, geometry, and trigonometry. This class is of great importance in my life in various ways. For instance, it helps me think critically, solve problems in a more effective way, and improve my power of reasoning. Additionally, my math class has equipped me with effective communication skills, creativity, and abstract reasoning. Below is a discussion of my learning about mathematics, myself as a learner, and the teaching and learning of mathematics.

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A Major Learning About Mathematics

All people are capable of doing the math. People learn differently but everybody learns. The new evidence from Brain Research tells us that everyone, with the right teachings and messages, can be successful in math, and everyone can achieve at the highest levels in school. The potential of the brain to grow and change is just as strong in children with special needs. A lot of scientific evidence suggests that the difference between those who succeed and those who do is not the brains they were born with, but their approach to life, the messages they receive about their potential, and the opportunities they have to learn. The very best opportunities to learn come about when students believe in themselves. No one is born knowing math, and no one is born lacking the ability to learn math.

Conversation among faculty members shows that we need to reflect the new science of the brain and communicate to all that everyone can learn math well, not only those believed to hold a gift. Van de Walle o People use ideas they already have and construct new ideas, developing in the process a network of connections between ideas. The more ideas used and more connections made the better people understand. Freire o Teachers can deprive students of the right of their own purpose and learning o Some teachers already have a curriculum in mind for the students they just want them to get the grade and not understand the thinking behind the material being taught. This removes the legitimist thinking and just fills them will know they will not hold onto. o Students can submit to teachers' rules and lose their own ideas and personality "one does not liberate people by alienating them" o The teacher is no longer merely the one-who-teachers, but one who is himself taught in dialogue with the students, who in turn while being taught also teach. They become jointly responsible for a process in which all grow.

Concepts learned in mathematics are applicable in real life situations. For instance, the concept of mathematics is applicable to the investment of money. Through the knowledge of statistics, investors are able to calculate the interest rates to be used in their business. They are also evaluating their returns in order to determine a business' profit margin. The concept of probability and statistics help in the estimation of costs in any organization, especially the profit-making companies. A mathematician is very effective in shopping since they use these concepts to improve their knowledge and bargaining power. Mathematics is also applicable in understanding computers especially the arithmetic part of excel. It equips one with all algorithms needed by Microsoft software. Through the knowledge of mathematics, it easy to design rooms and gardens. This concept is essential for constructors and designers. Another real-life application of mathematics is in planning trips where the knowledge of cost calculation is needed.

Learning about mathematics is also essential in the following ways. It helps people to predict their life and has a hint of where they are ending too. This motivates people to achieve their set goals. Understanding mathematical concepts equip people with a diverse knowledge of problem-solving. It presents people with multiple options and therefore making it easier for them to make a good choice. Studying of variables is also essential in balancing life equations. For instance, a learned mathematician is able to balance their friends, family matters, sports, and make the right adjustments in their life. It also makes one courageous in handling questions. Mathematicians are able to understand their thoughts in decision-making processes. This helps them in making effective decisions. Math is a challenging discipline and needs a bright student. It also requires one to have patience in order to overcome life challenges.

A Major Learning About Yourself as A Learner Of Mathematics

Throughout my course in mathematics, the concept of algebra was essential in both classwork and also in real life situation. For instance, it helps in the calculation of distance, measurement, and estimation of time intervals. During my practical attachment, I was able to use the knowledge of algebra in calculating compound interest. One of the major mathematical calculation is as follows; A client has $1,500 to put into an interesting account. They want to know how much annual interest is paid and how much would be in the account after five years. We compound monthly with an annual rate of 6%. To find out how much is in the account after five years we know there are 12 months in a year and 5 years of compounding. The account would compound 60 times. P = 1500 r=0.06 n=12 t=5. The formula: A = P(1 + r/n)^nt. A = 1500(1 + 0.06/12)^12*5. A=1500(1.005)^60. A =$2023.28I will use some algebra in the future because my finance career will deal with a lot of math. We will need to know formulas. How to plug in the correct numbers. We will double check our work. We may have two numbers and need to find a third. We will use percentages, interest, maybe even log and exponents. I feel the concepts of interest and percent change will be beneficial in my future. They will come in handy when we deal with interest in accountants and how much a client will gain and maybe to choose the best solution to saving and investing money. Percent change will help when we look at annual amounts and how they changed from year to year. Another concept that I feel of great importance in my life is the use of quadratic equations, formulas, and their functions. It is a great way to measure and determine what amount of supplies I will need to complete the work at hand.

A Major Learning About the Teaching and Learning Of Mathematics

Teaching and learning of mathematics is a wonderful profession which is widely used in various industries. For instance, teaching and learning of proportions are the common concepts applicable in real life situation. In every aspect of life, there is a way to use proportions. Whether it is cooking, making a cleaning solution, putting gas, or determining how much money will be left after bill paying, ratios and proportions are found everywhere. I think we learned this when we were little, but after taking this class, we learned a harder approach with variables. The concept that I think will be less important in life, is graphing. I am still confused about how to graph sometimes and I don't think I will use graphing of information in any profession I go into. The teaching of mathematics is quite interesting for both the learner and the teacher.


In conclusion, mathematics is a discipline for as all. It is applicable in every learning field and all real-life situations. It is a very interactive course that makes students fully participate in the class. As a learner, I find this course very stimulating and helpful due to its importance. I have developed a positive attitude towards mathematics and I would like to be a teacher in this course. Any student can understand mathematics when taught using the right procedures. A teacher needs to create a friendly environment and an interactive session for teaching mathematics so as to make students effectively understand the course. Mathematics should be common unit if not a course to all other disciplines as it facilitates understanding of other courses. As a teacher in mathematics, I would make this subject interesting to all students.

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