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Over the past few years, there have been different changes which have been experienced in the world. One of the major changes is the rise in technology which has been largely adopted and used in different places. Business is one of the areas that has been positively affected by the advancement of technology. There are different activities in a business that have employed technology for them to be carried out effectively. An example of an activity that technology has enhanced over the past few years is marketing. Advertisement refers to making different products or service know to a particular group of people. This activity has been enhanced by the development of certain features. An example of the feature of technology that is used in marketing is social media as well as the mobiles. As these techniques are being used, there are different trends that they are associated with them. One of the trends in social and mobile marketing influencer education (Lamberton, & Stephen 2016). Influence education has been adopted by different brands worldwide to market most of their products.

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How Influencer Education Works in the Social and Mobile Marketing

Influencer Education as the Social and Mobile Marketing Trend

Influencer Education refers to the conduction of different learning programs that enable a company to teach about a product that they offer to sway the customers so that they can start buying that particular product. One of the brands that have employed influencer education in the social and mobile marketing trend is the Coca Cola Company found in the United States (Shen, Kuo, & Ly, 2017).

The Coca Cola Company and Influencer Education

The coca cola company has carried several influencer programs to win more customers to purchase some of its products. An example of an influencer program that was conducted by Coca Cola Company was during the production of one of their brand known as coke zero. Influencer program was carried out to help the customers understand that these brand has little sugar and would have less harm to the health of an individual. This program was effective because the company managed to win the heart of many consumers because the sale of the brand was high in the first year that it was sold.

Influencer education as used on coca cola to inform the customers about the coke zero that has no sugar

Pepsi and Influencer Education

Pepsi is the other brand located in the United States which has employed influencer education to social and mobile marketing. The main approach that was used by this company was it carried out an advertisement to educate the consumers about the product that it has and how cheap they are. This influencer program helped the company to earn a high number of customers because most of them would prefer to go for a product that is cheap and will not constrain them financially.

Pepsi revenue as a result of Influencer Marketing

For more information search for Companies Using Influencer Education in the US.

Future Prospects of Influencer Education and Strategies to Adapt to it

A Look Into the Future of Influencer Marketing

As the years go by, technology keeps on changing as more features are discovered. In this case, the main future prospect of influencer education is that the customers will require authenticity. The high demand for authenticity is needed for by the customers because most of them are tired of seeing at the advertisements which are just meant for selling certain products. Instead of this approach, most consumers want to be shown information that is trustworthy (Brown, & Fiorella 2013). The emergence of this prospect calls for the strategy to adapt to it. One of the strategies that different companies can use in meeting this prospect is to cease from advertising just for the purpose of selling. These companies should start sharing advertisements with authentic information whereby the customers can learn more about a particular product. As the customers obtain information about a certain product the will have the desire to purchase the product and have an experience of their own. The second strategy that can be used in this case is that the company should ensure that the information being relayed to the customers through influencer education is authentic. If the customer discovers that the information being used to market product is not authentic they will stop using it.

The other opportunity that lies in influencer education in the social and mobile marketing trend is status diversity. In most cases, influencers most influencer will want to advocate for a brand that has more than 100, 000 followers. However, there are some small companies that do have such a high number of followers. As a result of this aspect, there has risen high end as well as a low-end influencer. The high-end influencer will conduct the influencer program for a company that has a high number of followers (Singh, & Diamond 2012). On the other hand, the low-end influencer will carry out the influencer program for the company that has a small number of followers. The main strategy that companies should employ to adapt to this issue is to have an influence that can conduct the influencer program at any level.

The third future prospect of influencer marketing is that there is a possible big barrier to entry. Most companies that want to start influencer marketing will always experience barriers as they try to move forward. Also, the companies that have been there before, will experience a problem as they try to move forward. The best technique that can be employed in this case is to ensure that influencer marketer that will help the company in the influencer program is experienced and can be able to face the fierce competition in terms of influencer marketing.

Personal Experience of Influencer Education

There are certain instances where I have experienced the use of influencer program to market the program. After I have completed high school, I started doing voluntary work within society. One of the places where I worked, was at a local library. The main activity that was being conducted in this library was the lending of books and other reading materials to the members of the society. There were various programs and services that the library was offering to its clients. However, there are some of them the clients are not aware. The library decided to conduct an influencer program to ensure that the members of the public became aware of these programs. The influencer program conducted by the library was not carried out using technology because at that time features that would be used for the marketing program had not been developed. The main approach that was used by the local library was to conduct programs in schools, towns and create postures. This program helped the community to learn about some of the activities of the library that they did not know. After this influencer program had been conducted, the library began to receive a high number of clients who would come and get some of the new services that were being advertised. The main challenge to this program was that there were other bigger libraries that had conducted the influencer program and were experiencing a lot of clients.


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