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College admissions process normally entails the process of finding out a school which fits an individual. As a parent and as an applicant, they should strive to look for environments where the applicant may thrive both personally and academically, and it is the admission officer's job to select the students who will contribute great additions to the particular campus community. For many parents and students, beginning the process of college admission can seem like being a daunting job. Since there are several details that they need to keep in their minds, it may seem like not always clear when and where they should start. The applicants require their parent's input during the time they start exploring the requirements of college admission as well as when navigating through the process of college admission. Therefore, many applicants will find it necessary for having the parent's assistance and support being carefully doled out with patience and understanding.

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The process regarding college admission and application exists in a marketplace that is highly contested. Due to the complexity in the marketplace, the manner in which various assumptions regarding college admission and application are normally articulated by state policy is particularly essential. The research by Kimball, (2011), regarding college admission, asserts that the college admission history since the time of World War 2 has been connected to the growth of the credit culture. Many institutions normally compete for students as they perceive them as an essential resource by using complex management techniques f enrollment. Most of the students have greatly turned to colleges guides which help them throughout the entire admission and application process. It is common to have the process of college admission and application being the main cause of anxiety and stress for students and parents. Most of the anxiety and stress usually come from having parents and students focusing on the question 'where' which views college as being a credential instead of an experience (Jump, 2015).

The eligibility that there is guaranteed admission at the end of the final high school grade greatly raises the likelihood of students attending a flagship college but it does not have any implication on attending the college overall. The research by Leeds, McFarlin, & Daugherty, (2017), shows that the students who barely qualify for the college admissions guarantee earn lower grades and they take fewer courses that are advanced in their senior years.

At some colleges, admission officers are questioning the kind of propensity that is used to favor certain students having leadership qualities with the aim of attaining diversity and balance of their personalities as well as their contribution to colleges. According to Hanley, (2005), in multi-ethnic societies, essential cultural effects must be considered during the process of evaluating the major contribution of a given applicant. While most colleges are striving to attain diversity during the time of admission, there are a growing number of applicants who come from certain cultures which do not support culture extroversion.

According to research by Walczak, (2008), admission offices may help in providing of various opportunities that are meant to test given higher consciousness orders as well as alleviating given pressure on the student through making it clear that there is no correct way of gaining admission. The process of providing students with guidelines and supporting a holistic review of the application of a student makes the student reflect on their attributes instead of focusing on what the admission counselor postulates as important.

The research about the topic on college admission is critical since just like any given applicant wishes to find a college that best fits them, the college officers responsible for admissions also have the responsibility of making sure that all students who they admit in their colleges are the right matches for their colleges. I chose the topic regarding the process of college admission and application because I believe there are several factors that many admission officers focus during the process of admitting students into their colleges. Additionally, the entire process of college admission is influenced by the role of the parent and the students. Some of the factors that admission officers usually take into consideration include; the academic achievements and record of the students, scores of test that are standardized, extracurricular activities, essays, and recommendations. The attention that is given to every factor being considered by admission officers normally is different from one college to the other. However, most of the admission officers will agree that the high school record of the student is the most critical factor in their process of making a decision.

The parents require emphasizing that balance is essential when assisting with the requirements of college admission and application process. Taking essays, filling out various forms, meeting the set deadlines and writing essays may be much overwhelming for an individual who lacks the parent support in these areas. A critical role for the parent can be that of the secretary, making sure that they keep track of the dates of submitting, organizing papers and files, and offering gentle reminder regarding deadlines and appointments. What the parents would be striving to achieve is being they smothering type of parents who make the process of college admission and application as their new responsibility as well as taking care of the requirements that have been set for the college admission and application process. The parents require to completely be checking out the process of their children's college administration and application. This is because although independence seems like a wonderful attribute which may encourage children to have much freedom, at times the students may feel that they become isolated during the college admission and application process. As a parent, one's involvement and input is usually as a sign of a message of support and caring. Thus, parents should allow the students to initiates the questions as they attend interviews but the parents become available to the admission and application process that they share their experience and assisting the students in answering any question they may have or helping them in resolving their doubts.

Parents should avoid limiting alternatives during the process of college admission and application for their students. Although parents can require to have their views being considered while the applicant is making the decision concerning where they should apply especially when the parents are the one to cater for the required bills, they should not assume that they should limit their options to the colleges which only have a given price tag. It would be recommendable that the parents to avoid insisting on a given school since the applicants may feel their parents think that the school they are insisting on is better for them. Furthermore, the parents should not let their children short-change themselves by selecting whatever they feel is the easiest instead of picking what may be the best fit for their needs and wants. The parents may do this through encouraging the students to look at the requirement of the admission and application carefully such that they are able finding colleges that they best fit in them. As much as the money issues require to be given a close attention by the parents, parents must be aware that during the time of applying, they can always find that during this time the financial assistance provides roll in that there are several alternatives that are available to their child than they think. The parents must allow their children to dream and send applications to schools which are their choice.

According to (Jump, 2015), being a parent, it is relevant that one should not become much involved in the process of college admission and application. This makes the children to always have the feeling that they are having the starring role during this important process of college admission and application. This prepares them for the future challenges that they face since they are soon going to become in charge of their personal lives and the parent will not be the one available to help them in making the decisions that directly affect them. Therefore, the process of admission and application provides an opportunity to teach the students about their personal reins financially, chemically and morally. The parents have the role of offering college admission and application assistance but they should avoid taking over the entire process.

During the process of admission and application, it is important to maintain a positive perspective. As a result of the process of college admission and application is an experience that may be stressful for parents and students, the parents should participate in assisting the students in managing the process which leads to making the student maintain a positive perspective. It is easy for the students becoming wrapped up in competitiveness experienced in the process of admission and application, but the ultimate goal of a parent must be helping their children in finding the college which best fit them. It is important for the parent to understand that their wants and that of their children may not be always aligning. Hence, parents are there to offer support and provide guidance to their children throughout the entire process of admission and application but the children are the one who needs to make the last choice decision of the college they desire to attend.


An important aspect is to understand regarding the process of admission and application is that every college has its own admissions timeline. It is normally an appropriate time of getting organized when the parents know what their children require to do as well as when they require doing it which may really assist in making the process of college admission and application much manageable. The applicants must know when a given college that they would wish to join has set for admission. This is vital since both parents and students are able starting the process of college admissions early. Starting of the process of college admission and application early has several benefits such as it enables the parents and students to get organized, they follow a given timeline adequately and they set given deadlines for certain steps along the way which will assist in making the entire process becomes easier as possible.


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