Essay Sample on Inclusion as a Reasonable Approach to Teaching

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Date:  2022-11-14


Inclusion approach is a teaching method whereby the children's with special needs are integrated into the same classroom with the other students. I believe that inclusion and integration of exceptional students in a general class is an effective method of teaching since it promotes the creativity of the students through interaction with diverse students with different abilities. Various disabilities such as communication and language disorders, physical disabilities and emotional issues mainly affect the learning abilities of a child hence the need for inclusion (Lyon, Fletcher, Shaywitz, Torgesen, Wood & Olson,2001). In this paper, I will focus on the pros and cons of inclusion teaching and my opinions as to why I think inclusive education is essential.

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Pros of Inclusion Approach of Teaching

Inclusion creates a conducive environment for learning of exceptional students since each of their needs is effectively met with support from their teachers and other students. The kids can observe their classmates and learn from them, and continued interaction with the average children's enables exceptional students to develop communication and social skills (Kozel & Siegel,2008).

Additionally, it prepares the exceptional children to have a better life after their education and to be able to interact regularly with the rest of the world. These children can access better educational experiences and resources where reading specialists and speech therapist are provided to enhance their abilities. Example: the IEPs 'individual education programs' (Vaughn & Fuchs, 2003).

Inclusion also benefits the other typical children academically and socially, and they can easily interact with special need children without any discrimination. Peer model of teaching enables the typical students to benefit better in their academics strengthening their knowledge.

Cons of Inclusion Approach of Teaching

Mainstreaming students in a general classroom has its disadvantanges. For instance; special children tend to get bored by the normal class routines. Children with disabilities such as nonverbal communication usually feel discriminated and not equal to the other students.

Integrated classrooms are usually more massive hence the exceptional may not be able to receive the individualized needed for them to do better in their studies. This is generally because the teachers are not enough to offer the requirements to enhance performance and some teachers are not well equipped to provide special education to such students (Entwistle & Ramsden, 2015).

Personal Opinion

In my opinion, I believe that inclusion is a very effective method of teaching for exceptional students. Mainstreaming students has more benefits as compared to its disadvantages hence the need to embrace this method of teaching. It promotes interaction among diverse students, and the special needs children have a sense of belonging and safe. This approach benefits both the typical growing children and exceptional students. We should encourage the parents and the communities in general to embrace the inclusion method of teaching, builds more educational systems and provide the necessary resources like qualified tutors.


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