Essay Sample on Health Records of Children: Parental Responsibility & Electronic Confirmation

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Date:  2023-01-04


There has been a problem concerning the keeping of the health records of the children. In this case, there has been the left of the responsibility of monitoring the vaccination schedules of the children to the parents who are then required to report them dully to the concerned healthcare providers. Their information is then to be confirmed electronically where the healthcare providers are to ratify indeed how the vaccination for the young children have been going on in the long run. There is no automatic electronic equipment to sync the vaccination schedules and undertakings of the children of the public and syncing the data to the healthcare providers for proper action regarding the recommendations to issue certain types of vaccines to certain children after specific periods. Hence, there have been chances where there is vaccination of few children than as expected by the healthcare providers, thus bringing about such instances as the missing of vaccination of the children. Others are the administration of the required vaccines to the children, the poor monitoring of the time frames for the process of issuance of the correct vaccine dosages as recommended, as well as poor adherence of the vaccination schedules as recommended by the healthcare providers. There has also been the low turnout of the children to be vaccinated since there are no proper electronic records which guide the healthcare providers on the way forwards in vaccinating the children as required. The administration of the alternative vaccination to the children has also been adversely adhered to due to the lack of proper and timely guidance of the electronically kept health records of the children. It has degenerated to the witnessed problems where the children enrolling to the kindergarten, middle school, college, and other educational institutions are not being adequately admitted to them for the failures to produce up to date vaccine records.

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Hence, there is the need to develop a digital framework where the heath records involving the vaccination of the children. They will help in the close monitoring of the health status of the involved children such as the vaccines pending to be given to them, the periods in which such vaccines are to be administered, the types of vaccinations to the given to them, the adequate coverage of a substantial population to be vaccinated, the vaccination alternatives to be undertaken by different children, as well as closely monitoring the completion of such vaccination schedules. The health of the children will then be adequately taken care of in the long run. The electronic health recording of the vaccinations of the children will then be a way of appropriately taking care of their health where they shall then be in the position to be immune of any preventable diseases in their future. As such, the systems will facilitate adequate access to health by the children since their vaccination information are readily available and are automatically updated through syncing (Goldstein, Groen, & Brown, 2017). The children in the remote areas will have the opportunity to have their health information well kept as well as their vaccination schedules being well attended by the health care professionals. In this case, their vaccination data will be availed in electronic charts, collected and transmitted electronically to the healthcare providers who will then take the responsibilities of dully vaccinating them (Zhong, & In Zhong, 2014). There shall then be an even provision of vaccination procedures to children irrespective of their regions thus promoting safety and good health to them.

There is thus the electronic solution aimed at fulfilling the adequate provision of vaccinations to the children. It includes the created mobile application which will synchronize the electronic health record system in place. It represents the quality innovative change that is projected to raise the number of patients who are being immunized as per their commendations of the center for disease control and prevention. In this case, it is a technological way of managing the vaccination information of the patients. The bio-data of the patients are well kept electronically, permitting the due monitoring of their vaccination schedules which includes the periods in which they are to be vaccinated, the types of vaccines that they are to be given, the alternative vaccinations35 to be given to them, the lateness they might have experienced for them to be vaccinated, the vaccines that they might have missed, as well as the increase in the number of the patients being vaccinated and having their safety of health is well catered for. It is because the medical practitioners have their health records which leads to the availability of electronic charts that monitor their vaccination schedules. In this way, there shall be a solution to the problem where most of the patients have been recorded to be behind in terms of their immunization procedures (Luo, 2010). They have been behind because of the absence of proper vaccination recordings which automatically generates the charts which aid in the appropriate administration of vaccination procedures. In this way, the patients will have their vaccination schedules well completed hence making available of the vaccine records which will enable the students to be properly enrolled in their educational institutions as it is a requirement that they should be present.

Additionally, syncing of the vaccination records of the patients enables their updating in the hands of the medical practitioners. There shall then be the provision of the updated information to the patients in the medical health fraternity. In this way, all the facts will be obtained, including the events in which the patients might have missed particular vaccination dosages hence enabling the recommendation of specific alternatives to them. The mobile electronic applications also provide information regarding different types of vaccines which fit individuals of specific characteristics (Sobh, & Elleithy, 2015). The vaccines will then be given accordingly, hence facilitating the provision of adequate health coverage to the patients being vaccinated. Also due to the available information on the vaccines provided in the mobile applications, there shall then be the availability of adequately recommended vaccines for the children, which when administered helps in the assurance of greatly improved health conditions of the patient.

There shall then be the opportunity of identifying the risk factors that the patients are likely to face. In this way, the mobile applications which synchronize the electronic health records provide all the required information on the diseases as well as the recommended vaccinations available, which when dully followed also aid in the safeguarded health of the patients. Thus, the mobile applications which synchronize the electronic health records at hand are of great significance in the health of the masses. It should, therefore, be incepted in the healthcare system for the benefit of the bow and future generations.


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