Essay Sample on Gagne's Taxonomy

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Date:  2022-12-08


Gagne's Theory was incepted by Robert Gagne and specifies that there are different types of levels of learning and they also expound more on why these levels of education require different kinds of instructions. Gagne can be used to improve the quality of guidelines. Gagne recognizes several groups of learning, information, creative skills, mental strategies, electrically powered services, and presumptions. Gagne proposes that learning tasks for intellectual abilities can be used to ensure on individuals respond to instructions, identification of motivations of the respondents to align you align your instructions towards that perspective (Smith, 2014). The critical importance of the pyramid or sequence of authority is to come up with the conditions which should be completed to allow learning which will ultimately improve the quality of instructions. That is the first step which Gagne's taxonomy uses to enhance the quality of guidelines designed. The essay will be based on illustrating how Gagne's Taxonomy improves the quality of learning in Grade Seven pupils.

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The theory further outlines other instructional events which help in the improvement of the quality of instructions:

  • Reception - which focuses on individuals paying attention to what they are being taught.
  • Identify the objective- it will be through posing questions: What is population density?
  • Remembering what you learned before- review the definitions of population density.
  • Outline the stimulus- illustrate the types of population density.
  • Instructions guide - illustrate the examples of population densities.
  • Stimulate performance- Tell the student to develop five strategies for determining a densely populated area.
  • Provision of feedback- A response to the instructions given above
  • Evaluate the performance - The instructor provides scores for the test.
  • Improve on the performance of the company - Clearly stated and illustrated types of population densities and impact on the people living in a particular area.

One of the main obstacles of applying Gagne's taxonomy might be mostly organizational structure whereby the main education stakeholders are not willing to implement this type of learning technique, the other one is lack of skilled tutors who will be required to give students instructions, and the overall cost from this book will be high. The possible solutions to these problems include training the workforce to deliver learning/instructions effectively for grade seven students. There should be proper funding and uniformity of ideas and plans between the stakeholders and teachers. I would be able to handle the misalignment between the teacher and student through ensuring the curriculum is relevant, avoiding quick-fix punishments that may aggravate the misalignment between the teacher and student.


Mergel, B. (2008). Instructional design and learning theory. Mergel, B. (1998). Instructional design and learning theory.

Smith, P. L., & Ragan, T. J. (2014). Impact of RM Gagne's Work on Instructional Theory.

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