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In learning, a frontloading strategy can refer to the process of preparing, protecting, and supporting students acquire new knowledge and new procedures of learning in class through pre-reading which gives them prior knowledge that enables them to succeed in grasping the intended content (Rogoff & Gardner, 2014). In the frontloading process, the teacher becomes an instructor who conducts the procedure and monitors the results; it informs the students of the challenges and prepares them to challenge it. The following are the developed strategies of frontloading.

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What and How

It involves the provision of a framework or schema to students as preparation before introducing them to new content to reduce the probability of their failure (Rogoff & Gardner, 2014). Also, it includes the provision of a set of procedures through which the students will take up the challenge ahead of them. With the arrangement of the what (content), and the how (process) the students would be self-directed in acquiring new information which will be an added advantage to both the teacher and the students.

Use of Schema Theory

The schema includes a set of understandings a person has towards a given issue, and in learning, students understand a topic better when they have prior information on the subject. According to Schema theory, where students lack an appropriate schema on a topic, then they will not comprehend the new content (Rogoff & Gardner, 2014). Here, a teacher is expected to deploy the knowledge of theory; as such, it introduces some necessary information on a topic such that students become familiar with the content of the topic. In the end, they will have a better understanding of it.


As a strategy of enhancing a better understanding of a new topic, a teacher is supposed to link a previous chapter, subject, unit, and class text to the new topic. Through the sharing of some versions, the learner can unlock some technical concepts in the new reading material. In the end, it becomes an expert in reading the document (Rogoff & Gardner, 2014).

Using other Techniques: The Quick-Write

A teacher can conduct an impromptu assessment on students understanding on a given topic for adequate preparation and planning for the unit. The information obtained from the investigation can be an invaluable guide for the identification of students with prior knowledge of the unit (Rogoff & Gardner, 2014). The Know-Want to Know-Learn (K-W-L) chart can be the appropriate tool to adopt as it helps in organizing and focusing on a given topic.


In conclusion, all front loading procedures aim at providing preliminary familiarization of necessary terms and concepts to the students so that they can understand the terminologies before learning about it. The processes ensure that at introduction, students can challenge their difficulties with ease.


Rogoff, & Gardner, J. (2014). Frontloading Teaching Before Reading [PDF].

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