Essay Sample on Exploring Benefits of Online Group Settings

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Date:  2023-02-12

Entering a new group setting online is often an excellent strategy for enhancing my motivation, fostering my intellectual agility and in some instances, encouraging my democratic habits as a student. From my past experiences concerning an online group setting, this platform always allows me to sharpen and practice some skills which include the capability to defend and articulate positions, contemplate on different points of assessment, evaluation and enlisting shreds of evidence offered by fellow students. Thus, as such, the online group setting provides me with avenues for discovery and exploration that in some instances, can be anxiety-producing. In that case, it's essential for our instructor to always surrender to us a certain degree of control over the information that flows from us as students. Our instructor should take control of our discussions to eliminate any form of exploratory that will lead us to lose focus and be chaotic in our discussion and interaction.

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It is true that every online group setting to succeed in their agenda, they have to commit to some rules and regulations, and in this case, for us in Pacific Oaks, we have to abide by the laid ground rules. These rules shape our engagement in this platform. For us to succeed and have meaningful class discussions and interactions and help in promoting an all-inclusive learning environment, we need to explicitly pinpoint and confirm to these seven rules laid down by Pacific Oaks. As a student, I promise to adhere to all the laid ground rules of our great institution. I would love to affirm to all these rules by adding some more weight through paraphrasing on some which I feel they hold water to our class discussions and interactions. It's a prerogative for us all to show respect to each student member. We all should respect one another's view despite agreeing or not to his or her perspective. Secondly, we should keep an open mind to every classroom dialogue. Lastly, we should consider others in any class conversation. We should avoid monopolizing a conversation. Let's give one another an equal chance to engage in every conversation. With all that said, I pledge to adhere and follow keenly all the laid down ground rules of our great institution as I enter into this class and engage with other noble minds of my fellow students and professors.

As a student, I know that commitment is more than an assurance to give to my school, my classmate, and myself. Commitment to me is that state of maintaining and dedicating an attitude of hard work and supporting my peers, and the school. My commitment to the school requires not only my innermost attention, but also my diversity. Thus, as a student of Pacific Oaks, I commit to being a well rounded responsible student. I believe I possess the qualities of processing patriotism of our school. I will also be willing to place my service above myself. I will set my abilities higher to achieve the set goals academically. To my classmates, I pledge my friendship. I will be helpful to all my peers. I guarantee strong work ethic, leadership, and my confidence to you all. I have a great sense of humor that will be applied to every member of our class and school at large.

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