Essay Sample on Education: Crucial for Sustaining Countries' Economic Health

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Date:  2023-05-07


Education is one of the most vital economic sectors that lead to the sustainability of a country (Maurer, 2017). The education sector plays a crucial role in ensuring that citizens of a given country acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience needed to fit in the job market. However, the ability of children as well as their adolescent and adult counterparts to gain high-quality education remains a critical challenge across multiple jurisdictions as a result of essential factors, such as development in technology, a limited number of educators, and increasing costs of education (Livingston, 2017). Therefore, it is critical to change and address such challenges to ensure that people realize the benefits associated with learning.

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Issues that We Can Change in Education

Various critical challenges prevent people from having access to high-quality education to gain the necessary skills and experience to effectively fit in the labor market (Livingston, 2017). First, there is a need to address the issue of a limited number of teachers to bring about a positive change in the education sector. Teachers play a vital role in educating and training children across the world to ensure that they gain the necessary competence to perform their career jobs exemplarily. Therefore, governments should bring about positive change by training and deploying more teachers to fill the existing gaps in contemporary learning institutions. Secondly, countries should change their approach to education by adopting new technologies to enhance learning (Maurer, 2017). For instance, it is increasingly becoming crucial for governments to make a massive investment in online learning to increases students' participation in educational activities and ensure that they enhance their overall competence. Lastly, lowering the cost of education across the world can be a critical step towards bringing a positive change in the education sector, increasing its benefits in society (Boakye & Ampiah, 2017). Countries need to adopt alternative means of learning by pursuing competence education offered through online platforms.


Education plays a vital role in creating and developing a peaceful and sustainable society. The contemporary educational sector equips learners with critical skills that are crucial in ensuring that people complete their courses successfully and become productive members of their communities. However, the society can only realize the benefits associated with education by executing the necessary changes in terms of utilizing the contemporary advances in technology, training and deploying more educators, and reducing the associated costs, as discussed in this paper.


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