Essay Sample on Diversity in Business Management: Benefits, HRM and Impact

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Date:  2023-04-04


Diversity is defined as the differences and the similarities of individuals based on age, religion, sexual orientation and even economic backgrounds. Diversity is important in business management, as it contributes to its effectiveness. The civil rights act gives provisions that guide the organization's management relationship with the employees. This paper discusses how diversity can give a company a competitive advantage, the role of human resource management in a company and the effects of culture on the ethical issues in an organization

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Diversity gives a company a competitive advantage because diversity is a source of diversity, which is essential. People from diverse backgrounds have different characters and backgrounds which are useful in the creation of working strategies (Bratton and Gold, 2017). There are high chances of solving problems quickly, innovation and creativity.

There are several roles of human resources in every organization, they are tasked with the responsibility of staffing the organization and participate in the salary negotiation and even develop policies in an organization's environment, such policies are important in the relationship of the employees and their managers. They are tasked with ensuring that any workforce in a particular organization is diversified, just as the globe is growing and requires an organization that can meet the global standards in terms of employed staff. The services should reflect diversity.

Ethical behaviors of an organization are important in the development of an organization. They are however affected by the culture and backgrounds of an individual. Culture plays out in ethical behavior when it comes to the determination of the right and the wrong in an organization. Culture makes it difficult for every person to understand the real intention of a written and an unwritten policy (Manohara and Singal, 2017). It also plays out in the way the employees interact with each other and the organization's key management; there can be a problem with the adherence to policies of the organization. The organization can best solve the issues relating to culture by focusing on nurturing a new culture among the stakeholders and focus on reinforcing it. The organization also works more on developing the skills and problem-solving techniques among the employees rather than giving them statements of what is expectable and is worth doing.

The civil rights provide several guidelines that should always guide human resource managers when hiring. It forbids the discrimination of any person based on gender, age, religious affiliation, race, and even socioeconomic status, when employing, promoting or even hiring(de Aquino and Robertson, 2018). These provisions are important in ensuring that every individual stands a chance of getting employed. The provisions also promote diversity in the workplace

There is a difference between affirmative action and diversity. Affirmative action involves the allocation of employment, or promotion to a special group, because, it had been discriminated against in the past or previous incidents (de Aquino and Robertson, 2018). Diversity in employment is identifying every unique person, without considering their backgrounds, character, race and even their nationalities. The two are distinct and important terms to understand


In conclusion, Diversity at a workplace is important as it speeds up innovation and creativity. Human resource managers who are tasked with the duty of staffing need to be aware f the provision of civil rights acts that protects and recognizes the importance of diversity.


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