Essay Sample on Creating Inclusive Education: My Philosophy and How to Implement It

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Date:  2023-03-12


When I started coaching, I believed in the concept of inclusivity. My philosophy is that all students are unique. Hence teachers need to establish the aims and being conversant with the national, local curriculum directives on the requirements of the student in learning and the instructions from the enlightened communities. As such, they deserve a stimulating educational environment that drives their spiritual, mental, emotional, and social growth. Creating an inclusive instrument requires a facilitative teacher whose role is to guide the children, provide the children with hands-on but fun activities, and encourage the children to let their curiosity drive their learning, which might involve the integration of technology in education.

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The teacher also needs to take into consideration of the guideline approaches and the course administration. Which is a course that is offered online with various guidelines and criteria that are required to be taught in a procedural way consisting of on one class conferences form the UNCP middle school? They are hence providing different guideline approaches that are necessary to be guided through assignments, participation, and online class discussion. Teachers that are participating are required to wind up in the filling of the field involved in the society and in the community school, which is in association with the tests and their involvement. I am of great importance that UNCP commodities should link teachers, for instance, every teacher needs to monitor their brave mail accounts consistently and the unit blackboard site for any available information and notices regarding the class.

Furthermore, the unit initiates all sorts of training and teaching approaches in the creation of significant study involvement, which comprises of the various skills and means that it will be of great use in the curriculum. The techniques and methods of learning may be by table groups, assignments, pairs, and contentious debates by the overall class and many other means that are utilized in the high education level. However, there are five main typical agendas in graduate-level learning, which are similar to the programs and are widened over the standards of the graduate training programs. To the teachers with the permission of master's degree are required to be the heads of other teachers in the areas of their specialization in improving the formation of the clean surrounding in education in order to attain the required information and techniques in their practice and syllabus in utilization of exploration coming up with choices on the actual exercise in the teaching of students through progressive deep specialists.However, the heads of teachers need to focus on the 3who model, which deals with prolonged learning, solving problems, the creation of new ideas, and critical thinking. For instance, fo the case of a standard one teacher, who is ahead of teachers need to take the responsibility of collective leaders in the institutions and society. Hence, teachers should be at the forefront in illustrating leadership roles in schools and colleges as they need to campaign for the practical exercises and principles since they tend to give an excellent example for students to follow in the outstanding and exceptional leadership skills. Therefore, the heads of teachers should be able to understand and illustrate actual and progressing communication through training and facilitating learning creativities that will, in one way or the other, affect the students positively.

On the other hand, the model of 4interconnectedness principles enables teachers to comprehend the significance of the relevance of the syllabus in involving students in practice through the illustration of the reflective knowhow of the program, assessment, and the instructions. Furthermore, when it comes to learning, teacher's heads promote learning in schools through evidence-based exercise, which is conversant with the research in standard 4 of the model. However, in the 5th standard, the student more so the participant needs to establish his objectives while facilitating learning motives that will benefiting the students.

My philosophy of inclusion has not changed. I believed that every child is exceptional and deserves an equal opportunity to learn. My core beliefs include integrity, sense of agency, and hope for all learners, and continuous self-learning. The learning curve in the course of teaching and learning has made me revisit my earlier beliefs about instructional methods. I have also reviewed varies instructional strategies and theories and have come to learn that inclusion though it is the most preferred policy in this era, requires the implementation of differentiated instructional strategies such as Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and section 504.


In conclusion, I have had to modify my instructional strategy but not my teaching philosophy and continue to alter the instructional strategies according to the characteristics of the learner population. It is also important to note that as a teacher, I must be inquiring, a competent problem solver, and a continuous learner who reflect upon and learn from my experiences. I, therefore, must understand my students and develop or adopt a befitting approach to instruction. My philosophy has not changed, but my instructional strategy continues to evolve as I adapt the plan with the learner characteristics. My core values are still learner-centered, whether making resource decisions or planning lessons. I am a steward of student need and must advocate for the academic success of the student through my instructional strategies.

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