Essay Sample on COVID-19: Impact on Supply Chain Management & Strategies for Recovery

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Date:  2023-03-30

Coronavirus outbreak in China has emerged a global challenge that has greatly affected supply chain management systems in a myriad of organizations across the world. It has resulted in a sharp deterioration of an organization's production constants hence culminating in huge losses and high costs of productions. Many firms have adopted various approaches necessary for combating the epidemic as a strategy of ensuring constant and predictable production systems within such organizations. "A supply-chain approach of solving the coronavirus challenge" (Martin, 2020) is an article that gives detailed, formulated plans to address the coronavirus challenge. It enhances preventing the outbreak from further spreading and impairing organizations' productivity.

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The article articulates various approaches of ending the spread of coronavirus, which mainly lie on the use of technology and modern methods as a tool of ending carrier to carrier spread of the infection. All the adopted execution strategies need to be applied absolutely across all the cultures in the affected countries globally. Since the spread of this infection is high globally, it is clear that it has a strong network effect that covers a larger geographical area and therefore has the ability to affect a larger magnitude of people. A network effect is a tool that enables partners to share information and have transactional activities that have mutual benefits (Martin, 2020). In this context, the phrase is used to explains the rapid spread of coronavirus, which is a global phenomenon affecting parties who are on direct contact - the latter moves as an independent supply chain agent from one party to another.

There are various strategies suggested by relevant bodies in fighting coronavirus infection. The most appropriate approach is through ensuring that the evolving patients' situations are returned to the chain systems through collecting pooling of global supply chain resources together by all the authorities involved. The whole process entails a series of activities such as quarantine of all the infected persons, development of vaccines for the non-infected persons, and maximum distribution of products. The approach fully works as an end-to-end mitigation method that ensures all the affected patients receive treatment more effectively and efficiently through a medical scenario known as a "moment of truth" (Martin, 2020). Sadly, most healthcare systems are based on pharmaceutical firms that make the distribution processes based on high profitability margins hence overlooking the supply chain scenario of coronavirus. Through this approach, there would be no elaborate and surest cure for the infection and would continually affect the people globally.


Martin, R. (2020). A Supply-Chain Approach to Solving the Coronavirus Challenge. Retrieved 6 February 2020, from

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