Essay Sample on Cosmetic Surgery

Date:  2021-06-26 19:18:33
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Beauty is held in high regards. Children are taught to view beauty with an attached value, therefore, live to fulfill its standards. In the ancient times, beauty was represented by using bright colors to paint the face; wearing makeup and jewelry were also used to enhance appearance. The subject has seen twists and turns to what we refer as plastic surgery. Pioneered by the Indian with the art of nose lifts, technology has introduced more cosmetic purposes such as organ lift and implants. While it could be the fastest road to an ideal perfect body, is cosmetic surgery equally safe? This essay aims at discussing the dangers of cosmetic surgery with emphatic illustrations.

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Despite being a well of beauty, cosmetic surgery has numerous medical risks involved. Patients risk nerve damage and necrosis. Women may lose sensitivity after breast augmentations due to nerve damage with up to 15 percent permanently lose nipple sensation. Again, excess bleeding is a common experience in surgical procedures. If not properly managed it could cause death. Another risk pose is scarring, which happens when the healing layer of the skin separates with the healthy one and must be removed surgically. More so, unintended puncture to the internal organ may occur hence organ damages. Regardless, plastic surgery is far from being pain-free.

An operation may prove successful; however, it is only temporary. Surgical procedures are highly complex and require regular checkup to ensure they are in place. Furthermore, human bodies are bound to change; wrinkles will reoccur requiring them to call their surgeon. The average sustainability for implants is about fifteen years after which they ought to be replaced for health reasons. Again, implants may get dislocated due to injury or vigorous activity demanding more surgeon visits. On another note, a surgical body only impacts a temporal confidence. People who opted for cosmetic surgery have been known to have a poor mental health and surgery does not help the situation. Personal inadequacies were still prominent. To them, it was an option to prove themselves or musk self-esteem issues.

Cosmetic surgery is not only temporal but also costly. A budget for any medical operation begins with the consultation fees; as a matter of fact, surgery is the most expensive of them all. On the other hand, Botox which is the cheapest procedure is said to cost beyond $400. Other procedures are bound to cost more. Not considering the cost of medicine and anesthesia fees which are mandatory. As if all these werent enough, the surgeons pay, and checkup costs incurred in the process are huge. Cosmetic surgery costs have seen even the high-end class go bankrupt; it is unimaginable how the beauty hunt could eat into peoples pocket.

In conclusion, cosmetic surgeries may have the capabilities of making people more appealing and younger. However, it could be disastrous in the case of botched or failed procedures. Ideally, the standards set for beauty in the cosmetic world should break. People should work on appreciating their physical appearances to inculcate self- confidence, and acceptance rather than deal with the shortcomings of undergoing the knife.

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