We Need Love to Lead a Meaningful Life Speech

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Date:  2022-05-09

What is love? Well, this is probably one of the most asked questions on the planet. The most interesting thing is that people tend to have different answers to this simple question. Some people often argue that love is what people feel when they are in a relationship, others relate love to sex and some associate love with biblical teachings. All these definitions have some sense of truth about love. Love is a feeling which gives us pleasure and pain at the same time; it is an abstract thing which we can feel mentally. It is the basis of life. Emily Smith in her book "the power of meaning" explains that for human beings to live a meaningful life, they must find an intrinsic bond between themselves and their families and friends. She adds that true belonging emerges from love. And I could not agree more with Smith. I believe that finding love should be one's number one priority to have a meaningful life.

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Life is all about experiencing and expressing several flavors in relationships. In terrestrial terms, relativity is similar to relationships. Hence, nurturing relationships and sharing time with the beloved ones are the most beautiful flowers that flourish in this garden of life. Love takes different forms, for instance, love is the affection of a mother to her children, it is the respect one has to his/her father, it is the unique bond between siblings, it is taking care of our aged parents, etc. Love is the little things we do to our beloved ones. A cup of coffee for the tired wife, a shoulder massage for a sick husband, a good talk with mother, a short walk with mother in law, a surprise shopping to pacify angry daughter and cooking a favorite dish for crying son are some of the little things which we do out of love. These things usually give people happiness and some sense of satisfaction. They help people live a positive life with their loved ones and most importantly share beautiful memories with each other.

Love transforms people to be better individuals. This is because it allows us to see ourselves from other people's perspective (Singer, 80). For instance, if I know that my friend or even a crush appreciate good values and attitudes, I will try to adopt those values so that I can get to him/her. In the process, I will be changing from the person I were to a new person with better values and attitudes. Love is also about valuing other people's time and adjusting to their schedules and respecting one another. My point is that love has the power to transform one's perceptions, life, values, and attitudes.

I believe that people were born with the potential to lead a meaningful life that integrates all the things that people love. To experience love in others and ourselves is the meaning of life. Love is our purpose and essential reality in this world (Singer, 150). Some people may argue that a leading meaningful life is about attaining physical perfection or financial wealth. This is because the world is often led by the materialistic objectives. As much as physical perfection or financial wealth provide some sense of fulfillment and pride, it does not guarantee happiness. However, love allows us to touch the lives of others with sincerity and to share ourselves authentically which gives us the true fulfillment and happiness. Where there is love, there is a meaningful life. For us to understand how love makes our lives meaningful, let us think of life without love. How would it be? It would be less exciting and boring. Love enables us to believe that there is a design of life and that all things are possible. Love is the thing that brings us back from the brink when we are feeling hopeless or when things are out of control. It makes people believe that there is something better than just our normal routines. Furthermore, love makes people feel less lonely. Life would be very difficult if there were no love. It would be a life without any support, encouragement, or companionship where you eat alone, go to work alone, and you do not have any interaction with other people. Studies reveal that people tend to develop healthy habits when they are in healthy relationships. They also explain that people who are in love are usually less judgmental and have better mood compared to the people who are not in love.


In conclusion, it is evident that meaningful life and love are closely related. This is because love allows a person to lead a meaningful life and on the other hand, meaningful life is comprised of love. We cannot have a meaningful life without love. One of the most celebrated scholars in the world that is Mahatma Gandhi once said that "where there is love, there is life". I cannot say more, all I can add is that finding love should be one's priority to have a meaningful life.

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