Essay on Powerful Nursing

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Date:  2021-04-20

A powerful nurse is one who can display real caring qualities of defining procedures related to medical requirements. A nurse who quickly responds to emergencies, manage illnesses and still allocate his or her dedication to family affairs. Through these, the acquired nursing skills are exhibited through perfect service to patients and the entire society (Ponte et al., 2007). To me, a great nurse is one who can balance the demands of work and other rounds of life without burn-out. Also, there might be burn-out, but the nurse possesses excellent skills for its management.

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Effects of American's roles and status of nurses

The American Culture is currently favorable for both men and women development. Men's roles have changed positively, where they can now freely undertake nursing jobs and responsibilities in the society, some of which were formerly reserved for women. There has been an increase in the number of male nurses in American society, thus creating diversity in the field and applying of diverse skills. On the other hand, women can now take on paid careers in the public sector just like their male counterparts. This creates equal opportunities for everyone to secure employment and exercise their capabilities. American leadership culture embraces gender equality, a policy that allows both men and women to air their views regarding plans on management and conducting of national issues such as health. Women leaders are likely to promote nursing since they have knowledge and passion in the field. The American Society focuses on the education of both genders and all races. The entire population is equipped with knowledge and skills to boost nursing profession (Falkenstern 2003). The culture recognizes the role of nurses, by accommodating their views and opinions to influence policies regarding nursing work conditions.

Behavior of influential people

Powerful people tend to possess pleasing results to the society through their emotions and characters. They consider other people by offering to take maximum good care of them without discrimination. These people are confident in themselves and strive to convince the society in believing what is right. They can agree with fellow colleagues in case of differences in opinions over important matters. Commitment is part of their lives since they understand the need to fulfill their dreams and satisfy other people's desires. At the same time, such people have targets which they aim at attaining. People of this kind are ready to face criticisms from those who differ from them since such moments strengthen their efforts. They are quick at avoiding arguments and chaos. Influential people, however, always separate themselves from others who may have negative thinking about them.

Socially undesirable behaviors of influential people

Despite the fact that powerful people are supposed to contain socially desirable behaviors, I consider some of their characters undesirable. Their separation from others limits them from exchanging ideas with friends and those who adore them. They also subject themselves to certain set targets, a condition that can be unrealistic and tiresome during challenging periods. In their efforts to convince the society to believe their opinions, they face oppositions, which may have better and much practical alternative approaches.


Falkenstern, S. K. (2003). Nursing facilitation of health as expanding consciousness in families who have a child with special health care needs.

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