Factors That Contribute to Success in Life and Education Essay

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Success in education and life are some of the main desires that men hope for during their days on earth. The path to success is not an easy one, and many of the successful people both in life and education speak of the difficult hurdles they have jumped to be termed successful. Based on the successful people revelations being considered successful is dependent on some factors which include:

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Ability to seize an opportunity

Malcolm Gladwell outliers state that success is not a product of one's ability, but rather there are many things involved accomplish ones in either education or life. When it comes to success, I agree with Gladwell when he says success is not the story of rag to riches but utilizing the opportunity and maximizing to achieve the desired goals. In education, everybody at some point gets to pursue a career they would like the same case applies to life where a door will open, and the attitude towards this is what defines success. Individuals who quickly seize an opportunity especially with limited career opportunities will be able to maximize their potential by putting into use their talents.

In life, there are many angles to look at success however how we grab an opportunity will either make us successful or not. Many people who take an opportunity at the slightest chance and take a risk often experience tremendous success due to their willingness to venture into new areas and learn through the process.

The effort is another ingredient for success and the amount one puts will determine their success. Individuals who spend most of their perfecting the concepts in education and also in life learning new things about their ventures are bound to perfect. More hours means the perseverance needed to set up a solid foundation and mastering the art of their roles which in return leads to success. Gladwell points out an example of how people either in the field of sports or music must put more 10000 hours into their work if they are to bear fruits (Gladwell 14).

A Person Upbringing

The way an individual is brought is a determinant according to Gladwell on whether can become successful or not. In education, for instance, the child based on research a child is more likely to excel if the parents are constantly involved in their education. Parent's attendance at school gatherings and other important activities are more likely to give children a sense of confidence to engage in certain activities and learn a lot from the parents. Further studies connect a person success in life to good upbringing, and this mean success can be defined by the immediate home set up where one grows.

Genuine hard work

Many individuals brought up in families where there is a lot of hardships and from humble origins work extremely hard to ensure they change their situation. This is evident especially in both lives and in education. Individuals who are poor work extra hard to succeed as they are an aware failure will bring them back to their previous situation. This also applies to immigrants who work very hard in minimal wage jobs and put in that extra effort to get more income and thus get enough to venture into new areas where they can succeed. The culture of hard work which I have seen especially in my parents who consistently wake up early in the morning to reach their goals is one that proves that hard work pays. It can be seen from the Jews who went to Europe and conquered the clothing industry despite being denied many rights (Gladwell 61). However, there are definitions of how to work hard, but despite this, the amount of effort either directly or indirectly attempts to fulfill ones success one way or the other. In my view working smart especially when it comes to education is a key determinant in shaping one success in a given career. In education, one can genuinely desire to reach the heights that everyone desires, however, to do one either take the long road or study smartly and learn from the experts. Thus working smartly here results in better results and could minimize the amount of time struggles to understand certain concepts in their respective fields.


Just as Gladwell states, timing plays a vital in-person success and cites that a person's time of birth can be very influential. He backs his claims by citing that most American rich families are those who were born when the industrial revolution of the 1860s and 70s began. He also cites that those born during the world war and great depression missed a lot of opportunities and thus justify why most were not successful in their education and lives. At some point, there were few babies in 1935 giving them the advantage to get things like scholarship either through sports. Bill Gates, for instance, was born in the 1950s when the technology began to boom while Rupert Murdoch also was in college when television and news became digitized. This according to Gladwell improved their chances for success both in education and life. In business also timing is key and can lead to its collapse or rise. Individuals who time market booms can easily reap from it by realizing improved sales thus making them successful.

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