Essay on Observation of Classroom Dynamics at University

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Date:  2023-02-11

I am (your name), a masters student at the university of (name of university). The course I am currently undertaking is concerned with the cognitive, emotional, psychological as well as social development and processes that take place within the class environment. I have therefore, been tasked with conducting an observation within an active classroom setting to record the various activities alongside the aforementioned domains. It is my humble request to be granted access to your school premises and thereby visiting two different teachers at two different grade levels.

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I have come to appreciate the role of the teachers as a leader within the classroom, in encouraging or precipitating certain developments and behaviors. I, therefore, wish to extend my visit to the classroom and conduct observations stemming from the activities of the teacher to the responses these actions cause. My particular interest surrounds the various developmental stages that these students undergo, I will, therefore, wish to visit the fourth and eleventh-grade levels to ensure the scope of my observation caters for two different developmental groups. Thus, the teachers I wish to visit should also be handling these two grade levels.

I believe an active class will encompass both students individual interaction through discussion and collaboration and attentiveness. This notion most often is observable in higher-grade levels - in this case, eleventh grade. When students ask questions and responds to tasks and assignment as required reflects an effective learning. Performance in tests and general engagement are also indicators of an effective learning CITATION Sib16 \l 1033 (Sibanda, Marongwe, Mushoriwa, & Martin, 2016).

Teachers to play a vital role in reflective an effective teaching practice. The most important indicator of effective teaching is the instructor's ability to fulfill the learners needs CITATION Man12 \l 1033 (Manurung, 2012). Motivation and practical-based curriculum and teaching techniques reflective effective teaching practice. Thus, the teacher to be diverse and creative not only in teaching a diverse classroom but also in teaching strategies so as to include the different students learning abilities and needs CITATION Man12 \l 1033 (Manurung, 2012).

I would also like to assure you that the purpose of my visit is exclusively observational, rather than evaluation. The observation will be inductive and will thus employ the data I obtain from the observation as a means of future research. The classroom setting will, therefore, provide an environment that only allows for the recording of what is seen, rather than employing other standards to define what is seen. To guarantee this, the names of the teachers will be concealed to ensure they are not victimized or evaluated at any point.

Kindly consider my request. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

(Name, signature)


Manurung, K. (2012). Creative Teachers And Effective Teaching Strategies That Motivate Learners To Learn. Retrieved from

Sibanda, a., Marongwe, N., Mushoriwa, T., & Martin, B. (2016). Teaching Practice Assessment Indicators: An Index to What is Privileged as Defining Effective Teaching. International Journal of Education, 15(2), 485-495. doi:10.1080/09751122.2016.11890558

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