Essay on Nora's Struggle to Free Herself from Torvald's Domination

Paper Type:  Literature review
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  596 Words
Date:  2023-05-23


At the beginning of the play, Nora lives by the expectations of her husband. Torvalds views his wife as an object of his satisfaction. We see that Torvalds makes approaches to have intercourse with Nora against her will. Nora complies with the behavior of her husband and does not any way disagree with him. Nora portrays herself as an obedient wife. Nora does not stand up for herself as Torvald drags her from the dance even though Nora wanted to stay a little longer. As much as she shows some resistance, she ultimately gives into her husband's wants. Nora smiles as Torvald calls her using insulting, childish names such as "my little lark."

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After seeing Torvald's reaction after reading the letter, we see Nora's character gradually transform. She now becomes more decisive and stands up to Torvald. Nora ultimately decides that she would no longer be treated as a mere man's possession. She realizes that she can become her own woman and depend on herself without the help of her husband. She makes her own choices and leaves Torvald to go and discover more about herself contrary to what we see at the beginning when she bends to the will of Torvald.

Nora finds her voice, becomes more open, and tells Torvald how he and Nora's father have always expected her to agree with all their opinions. Nora becomes more confident in herself and realizes that she has to make her own choices without the influence of the men in her life. For the very first time, we see Nora making Torvald sit and listen to her. Nora's character evolves from obedient to decisive and charismatic.

When Helmer Finds Out that Krogstad has returned the Note, What is His Response? How Do You Feel Towards Him?

Torvald Helmer rejoices after realizing that Krogstad has returned the letter. He quickly moves from insulting Nora to preaching his forgiveness and love for her. After reading the first letter, Helmer goes to the point of telling Nora that he does not trust her to bring up the children. I think that Helmer is a hypocrite because, at the waking moment of the realization that Nora has destroyed his reputation, he confronts her but quickly retracts his statement when he reads the second letter that the house cleaner brings. This second letter shows that Krogstad reconsidered. Helmer decides to apologize to Nora only after realizing that he is saved. He much cares about his reputation and image in society. He does not at first say that he and Nora are saved, but he rejoices that only he is saved. It is when Nora asks if she is saved too that Helmer assures her that she is also safe. This action also shows that Helmer is self-centered.

In What Respects Does a Doll's House Seem to Apply to Life Today.

A doll's house reflects society today in that often, women are objectified and seen as lesser than men. Women are expected to fall under the shadow of their companions and not have a voice of their own. The society sees women as subject to men and thus expects them to follow and preserve the image of their husbands obediently. Furthermore, women are often blamed for the downfall of their companions. The play also shows the hypocrisy that pervades today's community. This hypocrisy is evident when Helmer tells Nora that they must maintain their image and show everyone that their marriage is doing well despite having an intense argument. People in society today highly care about other people's perceptions of them.

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