Essay Sample on Debate Over Immigration

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Date:  2022-10-19


The article reviews the issues of immigrants in the United States of America. It looks into both the legal and illegal immigrants and the impact they bring to the nation. Controversial debates have been raised concerning the immigrant issue, and no concrete answer or solution has been established. Statistics indicate that over one million immigrants enter into the United States of America every year and this includes both legal and illegal entrants. Masci explains that some experts credit the issue of new immigrants to economic advantage while others argue that despite the cheap and readily available labor the entrants take up the jobs that belong to the native and they also make the wage rates to go down. Critics argue that more stringent regulations on immigration should be put in place and an intensive such be done to penalize any employer who knowingly hires illegal immigrants. On the contrary, the article explains that liberalists support the entry of immigrants arguing that a total ban would suffocate the economy.

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The article explains that globally America has the highest number of immigrants. Over the last three decades, there has been a rapid inflow of immigrants who enter America in search of a better life. From the article, it is evident that there are more than twenty-five million immigrants in America and this forms 10 percent of the total population. Economists commend that a large number of immigrants has led to tremendous economic prosperity because it has provided both skilled and unskilled labor. On the other hand, immigration opponents contend that America does not need a million immigrants each year as those who enter have low skills and only capable of doing odd jobs for a little pay. Similarly, they claim that an exaggerated number of immigrants have brought congestion especially in the urban areas and inhibiting smooth assimilation of those immigrants who already enter America.

Additionally, the article explains there over 300,000 illegal immigrants entering America every year and border control has to be beefed up to block the unlawful entry. Another way of limiting the number of immigrants in the United States of America is to punish the employers offering jobs with the consent that they are illegally in America. Masci further explains that opponents of employer sanctions encourage the entry of illegal immigrants to the United States of America. It is however unfair to them because the same employers push them to take jobs at meager pay.

A critical question that the article asks is "Does the United States admit too many immigrants?" the answer to the problem is not clear because of the opposing views. Proponents argue that the United States cannot be crowded because there are enough opportunities to accommodate the immigrants and also it is to the advantage of the nation as it will experience significant economic progress.

On the other hand, the opponents claim that America will lose its prestige and economic growth because overcrowding will occur as a result of the massive entry of entry of immigrants. It is important to note that illegal immigration has become a significant concern in America and only legal immigration is supported, however, the proponent's immigration claim that it does the nation better than harm. The article has therefore explored both sides of arguments surrounding immigration and given requests from different experts.


Masci, David, Debate over immigration retrieved from (2001)

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