Essay on My Taylor College Journey: Sacrifices for Successful Choices

Paper Type:  Essay
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Date:  2023-04-09

I am experiencing a tough task in may attempt to summing up various lessons during my time at Taylor College. I am greatly thankful to all the individuals who have been a central part of my learning. My family and relatives have been there for me whenever in need of any assistance, and I believe that what I have achieved so far would remain a nightmare without them. One of the most important lessons I have learned at the college is that all choices require significant sacrifices. For instance, putting others ahead of my work at school may help me to gain great memories, but the cost includes sacrificing better grades that are essential for a successful future.

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Relationships have been part of my experience at Taylor College. Indeed, numerous relationships have been hectic, with some proving tremendously difficult in terms of maintenance. This has led to the failure of some relationships, with others changing and fading. However, I cannot fail to recognize some of the faithful friends who have always stood with me regardless of the situations, good or bad. I now understand that true friendship is essential in terms of successfully addressing issues that may arise in someone's life.

I cannot fail to acknowledge that Taylor has been a place whereby I have learned so much about God, who have been with me through all bad and good moments. I am tremendously thankful that the institution has granted me limitless opportunities for diverse experiences and conversations that have significantly helped me in questioning my faith while making it my own. More importantly, I have also learned that it is essential to set up my future. This year, I have established an objective of ensuring that I embrace all opportunities that I am presented with.

I have also learned that it is crucial to get out of my comfort zone, which I have successfully achieved during my time at Taylor. Usually, I am a quiet individual around others, although this attribute has not compromised my outgoing attribute I build relationships with. The college has helped me in getting out of my comfort zone whereby I have engaged with people I did not know or typically have a conversation with. I terms of my health being a priority as opposed to an option, I have managed to keep fit through working out and checking on my diet after battling depression during my earlier days at the institution, which made me gain weight. I am glad I am back to where I belong in terms of my health.


In summary, I cannot really mention everything I have learned during my college years at Taylor College. Currently, I am full of diverse experiences from the institution, and I have highlighted just a few. Going forward, I know I will dearly miss the institution after exiting. I feel more prepared to face the inevitable future after school. With the life lessons gained from Taylor, it is my conviction that I will face future challenges with greater wisdom, courage, and brevity. I believe that the college will help all learners in the future become better in knowing God and other aspects of life.

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