Essay on Live Free or Die: My Childhood Hero, Thomas Gabriel

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Date:  2023-02-20

Live free or die is a famous quote from a PG-13 movie Diehard. I was going to a completely different realm at a time when other boys had a fascination with ordinary superheroes. A man called "Warlord," together with Thomas Gabriel, amazed me. They are both Diehard four characters. Their boondoggle typing and seemingly random typing fascinated me, and it gave them carte blanche.

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The man that had hacked NORAD using a laptop became my idol as a child. On several occasions, I attempted to hack the computer laboratory of our school just to prove a point. The kids in the room were chanting, "Fadhil, hack this computer!" as everyone was amazed by what I could do. All the computers in the hall were compromised eventually. I used my hacking skills to allow everyone in the school to play counter strike in the computer lab happily rather than for a sinister agenda.

In high school, I continued with my pursuit of becoming a computer prodigy. I was always looking for ways to challenge myself even further. One afternoon, I browsed the internet looking for a challenge after an exhausting long hour in school. I became thrilled, and my eyes glow when I finally saw a programming competition poster. An angel was playing the harp while an imaginary choir sang "Aaaa..., and Light was simmering into my computer screen. On seeing the dates set for the competition, the angel started playing an electric guitar while screaming, and my imaginary choir started singing to This is War from 30 seconds to Mars.

I only had two weeks to study. I had never learned java or C++, although my hacking skills are excellent. I put on my lucky bandana, my quest for winning the competition began, and I smeared my cheeks with green paint. My pursuit of winning the tournament started with that. My C++ books had these symbols and seemingly random words that were similar to things that the Mayans would put on their tombstones. However, I motivated myself by jumping around and screaming. I went to the competition, and as the people around me began typing, it sounded like a million people running behind me. I tried to remember what I had learned within two weeks by staying calm. When the results were announced, I could not believe that I had made it to the final round. I got into the competition room a second time. All my fellow competitors had some computer genius vibes. I, however, kept on believing in myself, although I was nervous. When the results were announced, I was not on the list, which made me disappointed. I, however, encouraged myself by saying everything will be fine; you only had two weeks to study, so don't cry. In my school, everyone called me "sang Pelopor" (translated as "The Pioneer").


From that day, I became hooked to programming competitions. I wanted to become a computer prodigy. I succeeded in convincing my parents to allow me to take a gap year so I could study programming. I want to develop a more efficient algorithm and uncrackable encryption systems with the mathematical skills I will learn in college. This is so I can change the landscape of the computing world in the future.

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