Essay Sample on Life in Maycomb: Atticus Takes on Tom Robinson's Case

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Date:  2023-01-14


The tale touches life of two young people living in an anecdotal Maycomb town. The city is saturated with different racial biases. Atticus a legal advisor while the majority in the area are ranchers. Everything is excellent until Atticus made his mind in taking a case in the protection of an honest, dark man namely as Tom Robinson. Tom Robinson was accused falsely for assaulting a young white lady. A lot to amazement and stunning of the youngsters, along with their dad, are compelled to confront unexpected antagonistic vibe from neighbors and also the companions as their dad shield a dark man. In any way of their father final jury, he recovers city's great feeling, and kids realize from the occasions, and repercussions structure all throughout the story.

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Historical Setting

The setting of this book is in 1930s, the time frame of the Great Depression, influencing South America. A large section of characters is poor and lack of formal education and hence the high number of the populace were just ranchers. Atticus with his youth are almost wealthy and accomplished.

Composing Style

The epic is described in the first person that is, Scout Finch's perspective as she reviews the occasions that occur at the age of six years of age and also three years starting from that point on. In any case, the chances of a multi-year-old is opposed to as being blurred with translations of a commanding grown-up on these occasions. From these perspectives the novel become warm and charming to the reader.

My Thoughts

For the most part, this book spoke to me with inconspicuous amusing, gained by the gap between the youth's understanding of what's happening. Jostein Gaarder points out in, Sophie's World book, as we become old, we begin to lose a fantastic staff that gave us as young people-the ability to ponder, which is dominant in youngness. Finch is among those young people who seek to understand and consider the occasions, encounters (mostly Arthur "Boo" the Radley-a loner misjudged as an unhinged killer and the black man Tom Robinson, accused of assaulting young white lady) and are therefore related to such occasions. In any case, her inquiries about the equivalent accomplish something beyond the mirror of her miracle. It leads in questioning our arrangement of convictions and partialities that we convey in our psyches and reconsider and ponder them. It is a standout amongst the most splendid books to have been composed and is an extraordinary novel that demonstrates prejudice in the light that it ought to be appeared. I would prescribe this book to any individual who is keen on perusing and comprehends the setting where the story has been composed. Eventually, this present books' motivation which is tied in what you accept is correct and showing those qualities to your youngsters, in light of the fact that clearly Atticus' good conduct affected his young ones. I would truly offer an advice for all those who thinks it is the right to do what is right no matter the situation to grab a copy and let Harper Lee's brilliancy and art flow in your bloodstream, since whatever occurs, it will be a decent book, and it will inspire multitude of great individuals.

Similarly, as we become acclimated to world when we become adults, we lose the inner ability to relate to the difficulties and problems of others. This is a very clear evidence as to when Finch, a young man, cries out for the betrayal being done to Tom Robinson (in clear distinction to the hardness of the grown-up neighborhood) who is articulated by the court disregarding his proven honesty. As Atticus comments: "they (the jury)'ve done it again, and they've done it around the evening today, and they're going to do it again, and when they do it, it looks like just kids are sobbing."


To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee

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