Essay Example on Instructing Kids: A Tool to Fight Plagiarism and Build Confidence

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Date:  2023-03-28

Providing instructions for tasks is important in helping to correct the misbehavior of plagiarism in school created by insecurities and lack of confidence. This, alongside positive feedback when each step is accomplished helps in building the self-esteem of a child and makes them believe that they can make it and they are capable of doing great things and on their own. Children with this type of misbehavior can be described to be forgetful, unmotivated, lazy, or sloppy yet their problems are that they believe that they are unable to do it.

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Every child was expected to submit their assignment immediately on arrival at school. This was the policy and everyone was well conversant with it. Even the grade one children knew they had to handover their homework books signed by their parents to their teachers, failure to submit was treated as a case of laziness.

Nine years old and in grade three, I always found my mathematics classes to be the hardest. I was unable to add the numbers well, and my parents couldn't stand this. They strongly believed that I should be doing it with a lot of ease like my elder brother and sisters who were leading in their classes. Not knowing where to start I found it easy convincing my brother in grade five to lend me a hand with my homework rather than struggle to find how it's supposed to be done. He agreed to do this in exchange for a piece of my sandwich daily as long as there was an assignment to be done. We kept this as a secret for no one was supposed to suspect leave alone knowing.

My grades started improving continuously, as I started behaving like a very hardworking student and even bragged about my marks one day after having dinner. All the good remarks that were written at the end of each day's work. I could read the happiness on my parent's faces.

Every type of behavior has its results and consequences whether positive or negative that reinforces it and ensures reoccurrence. It was announced shortly after the ceremonious improvement that we will be having our grade three exams. For many, this wasn't a threat but for me, I knew that I'll be having the worst days of my life. We sat for the exams that seventy-five percent of it constituted our homework. When my homework was done by my brother I never bothered to look at it and try to understand anything as expected I was unable to answer the questions instead, I handed my paper halfway blank.

The results came out and while everyone expected to see me in the top three I appeared in the bottom three lists. For many, this was an irony but I was the only one who could understand what was going on. My mom was summoned to school to explain what was going on, it was then that I was forced to speak out the truth. My mom couldn't take it that I was being assisted with the homework my dad was furious and even grounded me at home as they went for a family vacation. As expected my teacher was mad at me bearing in mind all the lovely remarks and the way she used to tell the other children to follow my examples. I was suspended from school and my parents were informed that am supposed to retake my grade three classes the following year as it was the end of the year.


Every day this experience haunts me and I always wish that I had done my best back then. But I still believe that this wasn't an act of laziness but lack of confidence in myself is what led to the inability of doing my homework and putting the necessary efforts required. Children should be helped to develop confidence in their selves as a way of correcting academic misbehaviors.

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