Essay on Education Technology - The Big Picture

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Date:  2022-06-21


The technology integration refers to the use of technology devices in the content areas of the education sector to allow students to apply the computer concept and technology skills to problem-solving and learning. Thus, the current curriculum in education sector drives and encourages the use of technology in the classroom. The technology resources that enhance technology integration in class include computers, mobile devices, social media platforms, network and software applications in the daily activities in a classroom and the management of the school. In the most institution, the technology has been integrated into the school in various ways. Therefore, the Education World Tech Team provides lessons and practices in the education sector to help educators make better use of technology devices for instruction and to assist learners in improving their technology skills within the current regular curriculum. The integrated technology includes practices that use the Web, Excel, PowerPoint, Smart Boards and digital photography (Murphy, E. 2014).

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An Institutional Technology refers to the theory and practices of development, utilization, design, and evaluation of the processes and available resources for learning. The technology integration in a class in the area where a live it addresses the following theories the situated cognition theory, distributed cognition theory and socially shared cognition theory. The gaps in integration technology include the gap between the student and teachers that they are supposed to work together, to take advantage of the lessons students have to offer. Additionally, the other gaps in technology integration are to join the social media world of today`s students and the digital learning opportunities that increase student engagement (In Gurung, R. A. R., & In Voelker, D. J. 2017).

The barrier which might be experienced when filling with technology gaps includes a barrier to entry. Some of the institutions are not interested in entering into the current curriculum of education which enhances the use of technology. More so, the platform pitfalls is another barrier since there are few institutions which have to adopt this system of technology integration hence more time is needed to persuade the teachers and students to join. To control the integration technology gap in the classroom, we are supposed to develop a local content with emerging ideas and also how to use the technique in the society. Yes, I agree, the assessment that my colleagues are very supportive and in line with the integration technology adoption in the education center, therefore I agree with those assessment provided.


In Gurung, R. A. R., & In Voelker, D. J. (2017). Big picture pedagogy: Finding interdisciplinary solutions to common learning problems.Murphy, E. (2014). Activity theory perspectives on technology in higher education.

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