Essay on Anthropology and You

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Date:  2022-05-30


In the contemporary world, the study of human and behavioral aspects of humans is quite essential in solving real-world issues and challenges. Anthropology entails directly studying various human elements scientifically dissect quite intriguing topics such as evolution, culture, social relations and many more. Learning anthropology helps me to become a practically intellectual because it enhances my knowledge about human perceptions on life and overall outlook of human beings and their environs.

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Firstly learning anthropology would enhance my comprehension of different cultures. Ethnography being the scientific illustration of cultures, I would be more interested in learning through empirical research about people's habits and customary approaches which makes these societies complete (Jerstad and Ragnhild 21). I have always been fascinated by cultural relativism. Learning other people's culture would enhance my problem-solving skills for such groups since it offers a chance to interact with them holistically.

Tentatively, in studying anthropology I would be presented with a valuable opportunity to comprehend material culture of various individuals. For example, I would now be able to interact with others more cautiously in a work setting. In the essence, I would be in a position to appreciate other people and become more sensitive to their needs, beliefs objects, resources, and feelings. Understanding people's needs are quite essential in an attempt to work with them smoothly. Also, it leads to understanding the environment form a broader perspective and boost carefulness due to the immense knowledge acquired about the same.

It is an interrelated discipline which can boost and broaden my scope of understanding of various world issues. The subfields can interconnect to elaborate a sophisticated human condition. This is a vital strength of anthropology as it gives one an avenue to elucidating a phenomenon no other discipline can dissect extensively. For example, processual archeology, it is difficult to establish an accurate theory on how past people lived; there are methods of closely approximating the answer (Maurice 59). Even in tackling cultural history, there was a gap of elaborating behavioral perspective and only a comprehensive chronological sequence of cultural development and growth was detailed off the tools used by these cultures under study. Moreover, middle range theory applied a method of ethnoarchaeology to ascertain why some bones of caribou were discovered at kill locations (Maurice 76). This theory cut deep into archeological records and went beyond classifying cultural aspects.

Today archeology is not only tied to human conditions but rather a broader aspect such as the environment and climate change. As an anthropologist, I would be involved in delving into the study and illustration of the relationship between our environment and human conditions. Tremendous and dynamic weather patterns have been responsible for people's way of life across the globe. An anthropological perspective would help me look into how to enhance their lifestyles when they are stricken by disasters and are forced to migrate over time.


The ultimate goal of anthropology is deeply rooted in understanding the human way of life of what occurred in the past present and what is likely to happen in the future which would affect their way of life. Emphatically, the great notion about anthropology's subfields is in applying each other's insights and study mechanism to comprehend our behavioral aspects and its implications on socioeconomic, political and cultural surroundings. It is much easier to facilitate a transformation among people when one gets to know them. I believe anthropology will make me an agent of change.

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