Language in Society Paper: How Does Entertainment Industry Use Language to Depict Character?

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Date:  2022-04-25

The entertainment industry employs various techniques to portray characters in stories as well as in the movies and link these characters with real-life situations. To get insight on some of the various techniques used in the entertainment, I selected an episode of the hit series The Originals where I have provided the link at the end of the paper. This paper primarily seeks to underpin how the entertainment industry utilizes language in depicting characters within the society.

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Amongst the common methods employed in the entertainment industry is phonology; it can be broken down into four aspects: intonation, volume, speed, and pitch which act as icebreakers when identifying dialects in movies. Intonation is helpful in making the listeners to deduce as to whether the words uttered by a typical character form a question or a statement. Broadly, in the selected episode specific characters raise employ some form of tonal variations such as raising their voices to stress certain feelings such as anger, concern, fear, and doubt amongst other facial expressions aspects. They also raise their voices when making chants to display the role they play in the episode. At some point in the episode, one of the characters uses strong words to display certain feelings for instance disappointment and anger at the same time.

Some of the characters make use of difficult vocabularies with almost zero struggles accompanied by facial expressions to denote specific reactions (YouTube, 2018). The use of such strong vocabulary is primarily employed with an objective of linking the characters to their backgrounds. In the episode, there is an occasion in which one of the characters speaks profanely to show her distaste for a character she had relationship with. The characters also blend their vocabulary and get in touch with simplicity to create what may be observed as being far much complicated, sophisticated and simple background.

Generally, the level of grammar used in the episode by the characters is a standard one as it can be easily understand. The characters speak fluently and adding flavor to their language by including metaphors in their speech. In the episode, one of the characters makes a cutting remark about the current situation that they are which is making reminisce regarding their past experiences (YouTube, 2018). Grammar is also essential in helping the listeners to identify the characters into their various dialects which go a long way to aid in understanding the roles that the characters have undertaken in the entire the episode.

Another aspect which is the level of communication is almost as per the characters ideology with an exception for the scenes where they are seen almost engaging in a confrontation with each other. As observed there is a lighter interaction as they say their final farewells to show the strong bond they shared during when they were together (YouTube, 2018). Their facial expressions are filled with sadness and regret the words left unsaid. The characters speak in their respective dialects: national, regional and social dialect to help bring out the aspect of diversity. The characters also try to maintain a certain level of politeness by speaking in a soft tone and king language and at a reasonable speed to make sure that they embrace their fellow characters. The child, being the main character in this episode, requires affection from the other characters and thus communication plays a vital role in enhancing this aspect.


To finalize, the primary systems of language play a principal role in illustrating the various traits depicted in our day to day lives. The entertainment industry has done its fair share of good deeds by funding the creation of movies, series and television programs which have given people a wider perception and the insights on how to relate with various characters that people portray. This will go a long way in strengthening the bond between people from diverse backgrounds.

Work Cited

YouTube. (2018). The Originals 4x13 Vincent completes the ritual to free Hope. The Mikaelson leave New Orleans. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Apr. 2018].

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