Essay on Achieving My Dreams: Overcoming Rejection and Preparing for a DPT Program

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Date:  2023-01-26

After receiving my letter of rejection from the university, I felt as though a ton of blocks came crashing down upon my chest. Dazed, yet indomitable to achieve my aspirations, I got back to reality and started looking for ways that I can improve myself and my application. Immediately I started figuring out what elements would prepare me for a higher chance of admission to a DPT program. First, I began researching the schools that offered an accredited DPT program, challenging course, and an effervescent community that could suit my aspirations and interests. After taking a CPR class and received my certification, I began looking for an organization that I could work as a volunteer Physical Therapist Assistant to develop my skills and improve my application for this program in your school. The first organization I worked for was Sti Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, where I started offering my help at the Student Clinical Rotation for two months. Throughout my work at the facility, I developed various attributes that are crucial for the work I was designed to do.

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Working with Sti, I created, instructed, and guided patients in home exercise programs. This experience sparked a special feeling about Physical Therapy, which made me feel the need for further education to refresh my knowledge of the human body and distinct features of Physical Therapy Assistants. I also learned that workability is not necessarily dependent on reading and attaining educational achievements; instead, it develops due to the daily interaction with peers, patients of different backgrounds, and personal attributes. Working cooperatively with peers to contribute to the overall productivity of the institution, and being devoted to punctuality helped me to discover that I had a live desire to help people to overcome their physical challenges, and need for additional knowledge to keep me tied to my life aspirations. I achieved this by maintaining an outstanding attendance record and frequently arriving to work ready to start working immediately.

Reliance Rehabilitation center is another institution that strengthened my work experience through a variety of practices that I was designed to perform. Being a Physical Therapist Assistant, I evaluated health education needs for patients and provided them with the necessary training and instructions. During this involvement, I learned that patients are at risk of injuries that may be due to a lack of education on various subjects. For instance, seniors are unaware that they are at a higher risk of falls. Due to this, I devoted two hours of my evening time to visit the library to research on physical therapies that can be implemented to reduce the risk of falls in older people. I was capable of finding out that the use of various coordination techniques such as Tai Chi dance moves and additional daily activities can help reduce the risk of falls. Thus, I proposed the idea to the management, and they liked it and started educating some elderly patients on the moves, which resulted in a tremendous reduction in falls for older adults.

Moreover, I monitored treatment routines to determine efficacy and adjusted to the results achieved during my work period. However, while exercising this role, I realized that I had to improve some leadership and management skills in line to the trends of the world since rapid changes in the institution occurred and they required improved flexibility as the supervisor. Thus, I maintained the HIPAA compliance across all patient data-handling system and training, which triggered a need for strengthening the relationship with the patients because they trusted me. However, through various researches, while working in this organization, I found out that Physical Therapists have a noteworthy influence on the wellness of the community. Working closely with the management and the patients has been an experience that gave me reasons why Physical Therapists are a key to the wellbeing of individuals and bringing out a positive change in society.

Working with Faith Community Hospital Systems as a PTA has also added up to my experience in the field of therapy. As my recent involvement, I implement treatment plans which are derived from the interpretation of assessments, meet patient care productivity standards for the position, studied treatment plans and adjusted practices periodically to maximize benefits, scheduled patients appointments, and created individualized exercise programs for patients while working in acute care settings. These involvements have been very educative and have given me another notch of enthusiasm gearing me to knowing that Physical Therapy is a career that can define my personality and help me fulfill my aspirations of becoming an influential character in the society.

Physical Therapy is a career that teaches one to teach and help individuals to help themselves through a professional level. Every day has been a set of experiences for me as I try to teach, help, and learn something that can bring positive impacts to the community. Thus, I believe that being in a professional that ensures that offers support to those who need it, as a Physical Therapist, is definitely what I am destined for. This is because I have diverse skills such as treatment plans, joint protection, muscle performance, strengthening, therapeutic exercises, oral and written communication, mobility assistance amplitude, modeling positive behaviors, patient-centered care, and multidisciplinary team collaboration, which are among the qualities that are possessed by a PTA.

On a daily bases, I have been trying to help those in the limits of what I am capable of doing. Thus, I frequently implement myself in the community. I also give the guidelines of a healthier lifestyle to my peers using my past experiences without discrimination. At times I try to mentor children in the neighborhood who need an aide in personal issues or their schooling. I have been of help to my community, especially to the needy people who I feel obliged to run to their aid. Recently, one of my elderly neighbors has been diagnosed with a stroke, and I ensure that I visit her at least thrice a week to help her in her daily activities and a couple of house chores. I have been helping her to do some walk exercises, and she calls me whenever she needs me, though not regularly, since she is more independent. I have been offering my help to people, whenever in a position since being a society minded person is my motive and my character. Thus, being in a profession where my character helps to bring out a positive change in one's life is like having a chance of being me every day.

The ethical range of being concerned, inspiring, and dependable is not necessarily taught in Physical Therapy. However, these are essential characteristics that I have and believe they will help me found competency in my professional career. The enthusiasm to inspire, robust integrity, and the ability to become accustomed to various difficulties will allow me to get to the top as a great candidate in your program. Being guided by integrity, I will seek out to continually advance my academics and individual attributes for a better quality of life. Eminent by my mature and diligent nature, I know I will be an advantageous asset to the field of healthcare as a Physical Therapist. Therefore, given a platform where I can merge my character with my profession will be the most significant career achievement since I would be the most influential person in my world, and set a path for others who are willing to employ their passion on their career just like me. I am looking forward towards this admission as it is the only steps that will enable me to accomplish my professional goals.

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