Essay on a Childhood Dream Realized: Pursuing Pediatric Dentistry

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Date:  2023-02-09

While in medical school, I found interest in various specialties within medicine. However, I was to a great extent drawn to purse pediatric dentistry. I also discovered that I wanted a career that is a blend of the different things that I find pleasure in doing such as helping young children. I have always been passionate about making every child's dental appointment positive, family oriented as well as a fun learning encounter. At a tender age I knew that I wanted to become a dentist when I grew up and always remembered my first dental visit. That very day I was in a lot of pain and therefore my father took me to the dentist. when the dentist treated me, I was very surprised to see the pain disappear and therefore I thought it was a magic. Since that day, I decided that I wanted to be like that dentist who magically made the pain disappear.

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My experience as a volunteer in summer camps for kids aged between 4 years and 10 years was fantastic and enabled me to develop endurance and commitment. The experience has also prepared me to understand how children behave. Soon after my graduation, I also volunteered with community health programs which aim at increasing pediatric patient awareness of dental health. My experience with these projects solidified my interest in Pediatric Dentistry and also my commitment to enhance the quality of care in Saudi Arabia. I also learned very important lessons while working for a year as a trainee in the pediatric dentistry department of UCLA. The knowledge enabled me to clearly understand that dentistry is not only about drill and fill or just fixing what is already broken. Rather I learned that prevention is fundamental in dentistry. The experiences were a clear indication that pediatric dentistry is an exhilarating specialty and pediatric dentists can customize their practices to their personal interests while fulfilling the needs of the community.

I believe that I have a great zeal to face the challenges that I am likely to encounter as a pediatric dentist. Additionally,I have a great interest in learning how dentistry is practiced in other countries different from my home country Saudi Arabia. I am also passionate, excited, motivated and armed with sufficient compassion and confidence to join the world of pediatric dentistry.

Outside academia, I enjoy travelling and learning about other peoples cultures which is important while handling patients from different cultural backgrounds. Learning different cultures has really helped me to expand my horizon, be open to criticism and consider other people's perspectives. Besides that, I love to see the art of everything, culinary as well as photography.

Being certain of the specialty I want to pursue acts as the first stepping stone towards my career.

I am sure that the concrete foundation of pediatric dentistry experience makes this the perfect program for me. My eventual career objective after the practice is to go back to Saudi Arabia, my country of origin and work with the Ministry of Health to enhance the standards of care particularly in the rural areas.I am eager to begin the next stage of medical training and start my residency in Pediatric dentistry.

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