Essay Example: Symbolic Interaction Perspective

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Date:  2021-04-06

The symbolic interaction, sociology perspective deals with the relations involving pupils and teachers that will enable students to excel in academics and outside classroom interactions. According to Interaction symbolic theorists argue that, teachers prospect of a students performance influence the sound achievement of the particular learner. When the teachers expectation is below average, the student either finds a way to achieve higher to disapprove the teachers remarks or takes the teachers comments to be true thus adds no more effort. The recognized school curriculum implemented in a way that it defines the content that is qualified to the learners like the fundamental skills. The symbolic interaction theorists argue that apart from the formal basic skills (reading, arithmetic, writing and spelling) the pupils are supposed to be introduced to the hidden curriculum (culture and societal behavior). The hidden curricula help in the reinforcement of morals and attitudes that are valued by society. For example, students are taught to excuse themselves before getting in and out of classrooms (Arends, 2014).

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The symbolic interaction theorists define an educated person as one who has passed through the formal articulated curriculum and hidden curriculum. An intelligent individual is literate, has morals and knows how to interact with the society. The educational curriculum has different levels of education whereby learners progresses stage by stage. A degree is a qualification given on successful completion of a study in higher education. It can be either achieved from a college or university. The relationship dynamic between a teacher and a pupil is expected to be teacher- learner vice visa centered. Symbolic interaction perspective, on the other hand, observes the relationship between educators and learners as the most critical approach to enable students to excel. The approach of a teacher towards a student might allow set up a healthy learning environment. The symbolic interaction of the teacher, in this case, may reflect on the learners entire life. The school administrators have symbolic communication to the teachers whereby by the ruling should be a mutual interaction. Communication theorists argue that if a teacher receives stress from the administration, it might be passed to the learners directly. For example, low pay to a teacher may lower the teachers desire to teach (Foley, 1999).

I support the symbolic interaction theorists argument on the learning relations approaches because it is fundamental and crucial in education policies. The teacher-pupil relationship is the core item in any learning institution. If students have a good relationship with their teachers, they can express themselves without fear about all matters bothering them or hindering them from performing well. This way they can get assistance and thus enable them to improve their grades. On the other hand, if teachers relate well with students, they can discover below average students and help them in their downfalls so they can improve. Students with hidden talents are identified and contributed to nature their talents and take them to another level. A school administration should ensure it works towards encouraging teachers to strive to achieve their set goals. It should come up with a motivational scheme that encourages teachers to perform efficiently and also show the potential of pupils. Creating a favorable environment in school enhances a teachers performance. Administrators should devise a democratic way of leadership whereby even a teachers suggestion should be considered during decision-making about the training criterion and formulation of school regulations so as to enhance smooth learning.


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