Essay Example on The Gift of Happiness and Rights: An Insight into Human Dwelling

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Date:  2023-09-10


In a human dwelling, the best teacher is our soul. The highest satisfaction of the soul is happiness, which is never earned, owned, worn, or consumed. Happiness is a gift from the spiritual dwelling, which impacts the experience of our living by incorporating love, grace, and gratitude. Happiness and rights are two compatible gifts from supreme beings to our souls. Although there are governors of rights in a society, the issue of human rights has become jurisprudence to the functionality of the so-called constitutional governors of rights. However, the most excellent form of right is created and ordained by God, which are natural rights. Natural rights are a form of equality that lays a foundation on the importance of every being, be it animals or humans. God’s natural right dictates a principal of expression through the set ethics in the bible. Human being has ever coveted natural rights as a way of declaration of independence. This way, our spiritual founding fathers viewed the natural light as a way of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. By strong faith, the spiritual fathers held their truth to be self-evident, declaring that all men are equal before God and all own certain rights in common. Like the classical natural law, the theory argues, natural right is indeed free existing, and whatever the right is, it ought to be that way. From a human interest perception, an individual can derive natural lawyers who are the natural factors contributing to equality and spiritual liberty. In this same token, the interconnection of natural spiritual rights and human practicality I brought by the social contracts set and which agrees that life is precious and, therefore, there is a responsibility to maintain and care personal life at the same time, all entities in the environment. Property is essential, and it is God's will to promote and protect it. An English scholar named John Locke believes that property and its protection is not having deserving attention and care. Although this philosopher attacks the way property is not accorded, the fact remains that God is the owner of the universe. He has given human power to explore and exploit property as a way of natural happiness.

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Great Philosophers like Aristotle account for a virtue, which is a golden mean. In essence, justice is a virtue, and Aristotle contends that the goodness of justice is a type of ethic mean. Justice is a midway point that bridges two extremes, one of abundance and the other of deficiency. Biblically, truth is a way of making rights inevitable. In defining the best methods of installing justice in a society, the best action is making all violations of natural law a punishable offense. For justice to be complete and neutral, the natural laws in a community, human laws, and gods biblical laws have to coincide. However, the human-made rules are not of high impact where a natural and gods law exists. Example killing is a violation of natural and gods law because humans do nit create other humans and should, therefore, nit kill-this is a general morality ethic by natural and gods law. In defining justice, it is best to note the human-based practices that justify negative actions as a justice norm: the corporate sentence is according to humans, a way of punishment, but regarding gods and natural law, it is murder. This point of justifying some justice practices brings forth questioning of what is right and what is evil, what is good and what is right.

All in all, the humane and natural ways will never converge, and therefore justice remains a bridging similarity and a difference too. Concerning these two, justice is, therefore, a result of a good agreement among society members, which at times will be a violation of God's will and the natural law and rights. Liberty is a form of justice- a legal standing guided by norms of actions and reactions regarding the law. Besides, Property justice is a legislature phenomenal that is more of legal requirements rather than natural ways and God's will. However, there is a match between the three forms of law. In this case, an individual can claim that legislation decides the ownership of property or reaction to it but like Aristotle theorized this, the property lies in the line of universal justice where there is the practice of law and fairness.

Positive and Negative Rights

Except for a few privileged and lucky persons, shaping one’s life and have a meaningful living requires the construction of positive marshaling of social natural and economic resources. This is a reality that is only possible through the characterization of rights as positive and negative. Positive reasons are fabric parts of the social buildup that ensures boarders in the experience of prosperity and pursuit of happiness. The positive rights also give opportunities to favorable surrounding engagement- they are a social ladder towards improvement. Negative rights are those that contempt freedom in this way; they endanger freedom rather than promoting it. Negative reasons cause the failure of supporting the less fortunate, and instead, these members of the society are neglected and treated brutally out of situations that are not their fault. The negative rights are the breakdowns of all resources that a community needs to grow and develop their freedom and justice.


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