Essay Example on New York vs. Dallas: Comparing Crime Rates

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Date:  2023-01-26

Crime is defined as activities that are performed which are against the law and are punishable by imprisonment or fining the criminal. The crime involves ignoring of the law of a given country deliberately or accidentally. In these two metropolitan states which are New York and Dallas, the cases of misconduct are on the rise, especially robbery. Criminality is the act of being a criminal. In the paper, I will compare the crime data of Dallas and New York.

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There are several instances of robbery in the two metropolitan states. For example, there was a press bulletin that was issued by the town of Town Wanda police Department concerning a suspect who was a robber who might be among the 11 robberies which were armed and had robbing various commercial stores in the western part of New York. This incidence seemed similar to the one that had happened over the past three weeks. For the case of Dallas, the story remains the same as the rate of robbery is on the increase, there are various instances of theft in Dallas. Firstly, there was a robber who had robbed a dozen banks within five months. This armed robbers used to have a note that he hands over to the teller in the bank, informing him or her that he was armed and demanded cash . He also added that there would be trouble if anyone alerts the police and this resulted in fear and paved the way for him to rob the banks. In another incidence, Dallas police officers captured two robberies who had fled with their car along the interstate 30 and entered the wooded forest.

There are different deviant behaviours and criminality that exist in New York City and Dallas. Abnormal responses are those actions that deviate from the norms of society . For instance, in New York, robbery has been observed as the primary deviant behaviour where groups of people, especially the youths and the young adults rob people of their properties either money or other valuable goods. Additionally, theft, assault and murder are other deviant behaviours observed in New York. In Dallas, the deviant behaviours that have been identified include drug trafficking, arrests and robbery.

Dallas as a metropolitan area recorded a higher rate of criminals related with robbery since several cases had been reported concerning the theft of various stores also a lot of robberies had been reported to have been killed (Jang, & Hoover, 2012). For the case of New York, there has been a decrease in the rate of robbery due to regular police patrol and a high penalty for the arrested offenders.

The robbery rate in Dallas is 348, which is approximately 45 per cent while for New York City, the rate of robbery is almost 15 per cent. The rates have changed over time since robbery rates in Dallas is on the increase, and that of New York has decreased. The decrease in the rate of robbery rates in New York is due to the strict measures put in place by the police officers and the relevant authority to curb robbery (Kelling, & Bratton, 1997). For Dallas, the increase is due to the high level of unemployment among the youths and young adults, lack of adequate security on the properties and stores that have valuables. Also, peer pressure and substance abuse are some of the other reasons for an increase in a robbery in this metropolitan area.

When I conducted my research extensively in the two metropolitan areas, that is, Dallas and New York, I preferred to reside in Dallas because no security assured of every time. Secondly, the rate of robbery is higher compared to New York, which is a condition which I must consider significantly since I want to expand my company as a security manager.I know my decision may seem to be as a surprise to the majority of the people. My choice to decide to live in Dallas is this area need to improve the level of security, and in my profession, as a security manager, this will be a suitable field for the application of the knowledge, skills and techniques that we as the company have that will be useful in curbing robbery. Additionally, through residing in this area, I will interact with the majority of the youths and the young adults who are at times involved in these activities and know the reasons that make them be included in the robbery. After identifying these problems, I can find solutions to some of the issues and for those that are beyond my level of professionalism, I forward them to the relevant authority.


In conclusion, the crime involves activities which result in punishment by the law of the country. It is the omission of the law willingly or unwillingly. Criminality is the act of being a criminal. Dallas records the highest rate of robbery as compared to New York; thus, security officers need to strengthen their security measures. I prefer to reside in Dallas so that I can apply my knowledge as a security manager to curb robbery in Dallas.


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